Smaller, lighter Float Speed 2.0 avalanche airbag system is Here

BCA’s new generation of avalanche airbags – the Float Speed 2.0 avalanche airbag system – are now in stock and ready to order.

In this video, Swedish freeskiing journalist Jens Nyström interviews BCA VP Bruce Edgerly on the packs’ “freeride friendliness.” Edge and Jens verify their versatility of the new Float Speed 2.0 avalanche airbag packs by each performing a mute and Japan grab (ski tricks), respectively. Seriously though –  while the Float Speed packs were mainly designed for fast, light backcountry skiing, their newly shaved weight and size do make them just as ideal for aggressive freeriding.

Video produced by @stompittutorials.


By increasing the efficiency of our ejector (Venturi) and adding 300 psi to the cylinder, we’ve made our cylinder 30% smaller and we’ve made the whole system 20% lighter. In addition to losing weight in the engine and cylinder, the fabrics are lighter and include fewer layers. The cylinder pressure is now 2800-3000 psi instead of 2500-2700 psi.


One huge benefit of the scaled-down ejector and cylinder is that everything now fits inside the airbag compartment, leaving the main compartment free of the cylinder, trigger cable, and air hose (“plumbing”) that now occupy our Float 1.0 packs. This means you have more useable volume in the pack’s main storage compartment. (If you’re wondering about the “plumbing” comments, Edge was answering Jens’s question about why BCA Float packs are lighter and more reliable than ABS dual-airbag packs.)

Of course, all the new 2017-18 Float packs have dual, adjustable “stash” sleeves for airbag trigger, hydration and/or BC Link radio.