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Float Cylinder Refill/Exchange/Rental Instructions
BCA encourages practicing the deployment of your avalanche airbag at least once per year. Once you have discharged your compressed air cylinder, you will need to bring it to an authorized BCA Float cylinder refill station.

  • Cylinder Refills/Exchanges with Authorized Locations
    BCA authorized refill stations charge approximately $20 for refills.  The actual cost of the refill is up the service provider.  If you want to shop around for the best price, call ahead to the service provider to find out their refill costs.  Some refill locations will charge extra to replace the o-ring on your valve stem.  Some retail locations only offer cylinder exchanges.  Cylinder exchange costs are also at the discretion of the store but are generally higher than refill fees.  If you are interested in becoming a BCA refill or exchange center location, please contact BCA for more information.If you would like to report a bad experience or service from one of our refill locations, please contact BCA and we will address the issue.
  • International Refill/Exchange/Rental Programs
    • US/Canada: Refill
    • Europe/Norway: Exchange
    • Japan: Rental
    • Australia/New Zealand: Refill
    • Argentina/Chile: Refill
  • Authorized Locations/Map Locator: Visit our  Store Locator to find the nearest refill option near you.

Do not attempt to recharge the cylinder at locations that are not authorized by BCA, as this process requires training, documentation and parts provided by BCA.