American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education courses provide a complete program of avalanche education for students at all levels, from recreational to professional, and from novice to advanced.  AIARE Level 1, 2 and 3 courses are taught nationwide and internationally. Find a course.


    The American Avalanche Association (avalanche.org) and the National Avalanche Center provide a complete list of certified avalanche educators and courses, the guidelines for US avalanche education, and an interactive avalanche safety tutorial.  AAA training programs are available for both snow safety professionals and recreationists. Find a course.


    The American Avalanche Institute has been teaching avalanche courses for over 35 years. The curriculum teaches snow science and practical application. AAI courses are held in mountainous environments in the Tetons, Wasatch, Bridgers, and Madison Range of the Rocky Mountains.  Find a course.


    Avalanche 1 classes are taught from a snowmobiler’s perspective. You will learn techniques that work for snowmobilers by an avalanche instructor who has 20 years of mountain riding experience. You will learn how to avoid getting caught in avalanche situations that are inherent to snowmobiling.  Find a course.


    Canada is privileged to have some of the world’s finest opportunities for winter backcountry exploration. A Companion Rescue Skills (CRS) course teaches life-saving search and rescue techniques to all backcountry recreationists. Avalanche Canada offers three levels.  Find a course.


    The SLF offers basic and advanced snow and avalanche safety training courses for various target groups in German, French and Italian.  Find a course.

    Fundierte Kenntnisse im Bereich Schnee und Lawinen. Dehalb werden vom SLF jährlich Grund- und Fortbildungskurse für verschiedene Zielgruppen in Deutsch, Französisch und Italienisch angeboten. Suche Kurse.


    SAAC stands for Snow & Alpine Awareness Camps and offers two-day-avalanche tuition for free.Find a course

    Ablauf SAAC Basic Camps – das sind kostenlose 2-tägige Lawinencamps mit Backgroundinfo und Praxis für Off-piste Freaks. Bergführer und Snowboardpros informieren über alpine Gefahren abseits der gesicherten Pisten. Suche Kurse.


    A professional avalanche course is highly recommended for freeride newcomers. We teach how to deal with touring skis , techniques and tactics of ascent with skins and of course the use of safety equipment.  Find a course.

    Ein professioneller Lawinenkurs ist für Freeride-Neulinge sehr empfehlenswert. Unterrichten wir den Umgang mit Tourenskiern, Technik und Taktik des Aufstiegs mit Fellen und natürlich den Gebrauch der Sicherheitsausrüstung. Suche Kurse.


    The SNGM is the main interlocutor of the Ministry of Health and Sports, the National Ski and Mountaineering School for all matters relating to avalanche safety training. More Info.

    Le SNGM est l’interlocuteur principal du Ministère de la Santé et des Sports, de l’École Nationale de Ski et d’Alpinisme pour toutes les questions relatives au pilotage de la formation des Guides. Plus d’information.


      The Association of Regions and Autonomous Provinces Italian Alps (AINEVA), organizes a series of training courses on issues of Snow and Avalanche Research.  Find a course.

      L’ AINEVA organizza una serie di corsi di formazione sulle tematiche della neve e delle valanghe, con lo scopo di fornire ai professionisti che operano in montagna nei diversi settori legati alla prevenzione del pericolo di valanga, elementi utili per le attività di rilevamento dati, previsione, prevenzione e progettazione. Trovare un corso.


      APRENDICA is the first official provider of AIARE avalanche safety courses in Argentina and Chile, and advises on avalanche safety and risk management in the Andes. APRENDICA works hand in hand with AIARE to develop the curriculum in Spanish and adapt the model to local culture. Find a course.

      APRENDICA es proveedor oficial de cursos de avalanches AIARE en Argentina y Chile, y asesora en gestión de riesgos en terrenos nevados.  APRENDICA trabaja mano a mano con AIARE para desarrollar la currícula en español y adaptar el modelo a la cultura local. Encontrar un curso.


      The Mountain Safety Council, in conjunction with the New Zealand Avalanche Center provides online and onsite snow safety resources and courses for both pro and recreational skiers and snowmobilers.  Find a course.


      This training course is a must for skiers, snowboarders, and ski tourers. Experienced mountain guides will show you how you can minimize the risk of avalanches. In this course you can learn risk-conscious and appropriate behavior in the field.  Find a course

      Dieser Ausbildungskurs ist ein Muss für Skifahrer, Telemarker, Snowboarder, und Tourengeher. Erfahrene Bergführer zeigen Euch, wie Ihr das Lawinenrisiko minimieren könnt. In diesem Kurs lernt Ihr Risiko bewusstes und angemessenes Verhalten im Gelände. Suche Kurse