#sendandreturn: Float MtnPro Vest Saves Two Snowmobilers

We are pleased to share two new #sendandreturn success stories in which our BCA Float MtnPro protective vests recently saved two snowmobilers – one recreational and one pro rider. The first success story involves a young man riding in Idaho who went over his handlebars; the second involves a BCA sled ambassador’s life-threatening accident whose machine landed on top of him while returning from teaching a level 1 avalanche course in Alaska. Read these remarkable #sendandreturn stories below.

  • #sendandreturn: Float MtnPro Vest Saves Dalton Edger Brooks’s chest, McCall, Idaho, December 2018
  • #sendandreturn: Float MtnPro Vest Saves BCA Ambassador Sean Thomas Sullivan, Alaska, January 2019

#sendandreturn: Float MtnPro Vest Saves Dalton Edger Brooks’s chest, McCall, Idaho, December 2018

Tonya Brooks shares: “I just wanted to send a shout out for your Float MtnPro Vest avalanche airbag. BCA’s Float MtnPro Vest saved my 16-year-old son Dalton Edgar Brooks from potentially season-ending snowmobile injuries in December.

My son Dalton Edgar was setting up on a little hill on his snowmobile to wheely up it for a photograph. We were just starting to get good snow in McCall, so it was deep with hidden obstacles still. He hit something under the snow on the approach, and his sled came to an abrupt stop and threw him. He believes he hit the bars which caused his MtnPro vest to break and tear. He was uninjured and more concerned I’d be upset he broke his vest. Quite the contrary – I was elated it wasn’t a flight-for-life flight injury out of the backwoods and that his Float MtnPro vest saved his chest! My husband Wayne noted that for the first time ever he knows for a fact the BCA MtnPro Vest saved Dalton Edger and he was grateful for my insistence on them wearing protection!” #sendandreturn.

Photos of Dalton Edgar’s torn Float MtnPro Vest shows exactly how the protective padding material is designed to save snowmobilers’ chests.

#sendandreturn: Float MtnPro Vest Saves BCA Ambassador Sean Thomas Sullivan, Alaska, January 2019

BCA sled ambassador Sean Thomas Sullivan, better known as ‘Sully,’ was well-equipped for the avalanche rescue course he was teaching that day — with his Float MtnPro vest avalanche airbag, Tracker beacon, avalanche shovel and probe, BC Link radio and more.  Sully was teaching a level 1 avalanche rescue course for the Alaska Avalanche School around Turnagain Pass, AK in late January 2019 and had a freak accident the last day while coming off the mountain.

The tote sled he was towing (with several hundred pounds of life-sized dummies) went rogue and ran into his snowmobile. Sully was thrown from the sled and had multiple impacts with his snowmachine and tote sled before they came to a stop.

From his hospital bed, Sully reported: “When the sled came down to a stop, it stopped on top of me. I want to mention that my BCA Float MtnPro Vest (I know this may sound like a sales pitch) more than likely saved my life.  My airbag was deployed because I was wearing it in a level 1 avalanche course and we were using it for a scenario. My sled came down on the deployed airbag and popped that, and then all the impact hit the protective vest which, though I have a few pulmonary contusions and broken ribs, kept me alive!  So I can’t stress enough the importance of proper protection and good riding gear. I want to thank Backcountry Access for the gear that certainly saved my life and the students that did such a fine job getting their Sleducation on!” 

His wife Joy posted: “We took him to Providence in Anchorage as his injuries appeared to be life-threatening. It was a very tense couple hours in the ER as they assessed the damage and worked towards getting his pain under control. The verdict was he has a couple broken ribs and a pulmonary contusion. He’s black and blue and pretty miserable but he’s gonna be okay. Sully’s Float MtnPro vest safety gear was put to the test and it saved his life.

So glad to hear you’re on the mend, Sully, and that you’re back to work!