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T3 Avalanche Rescue Package

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Our most advanced avalanche rescue package.  Includes Tracker3 avalanche beacon with harness, Stealth 270 probe, and B-1 EXT shovel.



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The T3 Avalanche Rescue package is a smart purchase for those looking to gear up for their first backcountry experience, or experienced backcountry travelers wanting to replace their old outdated equipment. This Backcountry Access 3 part package comes with our industry-leading Tracker3 avalanche transceiver, our extendable B-1 EXT avalanche shovel, and quick deploying Stealth 270 avalanche probe. Package pricing on the core equipment you need to stay safe in the backcountry.

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3 reviews for T3 Avalanche Rescue Package

  1. Sam

    Super stoked on my new t3 rescue package! Fast and light, also packs in the backpack easily. The Tracker 3 is simple and efficient. It’s a great deal for the whole package. Would recommend to beginners and advanced backcountry users.

  2. David Martin

    Great beacon and probe. Shovel had an angle to the cutting edge so it’s ideal for digging snow pits.

  3. Freeskier Editors

    Thanks to this awesome bundle, BCA has made it exceptionally easy for novice backcountry skiers to get their hands on the essential gear for venturing out-of-bounds. The T3 Avalanche Rescue Package comes with the Tracker3 avalanche transceiver, Stealth 270 probe and B-1 EXT shovel. The three-antennae beacon utilizes an instantaneous real-time display as well as a “big picture” mode and signal suppression components for multiple burial scenarios; the Stealth 270 enables a fast, easy assembly and features highly-visible depth markers for intuitive searching; and the extendable B-1 EXT shovel has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio and packs down nice and small. All told, there’s a lot to love, here.
    BCA T3 Avalanche Rescue Package

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