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Shaxe Tech Avalanche Shovel

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The Backcountry Access Shaxe Tech Avalanche Shovel converts into an ice axe, for the weight-conscious. This product will keep you safe in an avalanche environment.


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The BCA Shaxe Tech avalanche shovel and ice axe combo is ideal for ski mountaineering, as it saves weight and space in your pack by eliminating the redundant shaft when carrying a separate ice axe.  The BCA Shaxe Tech avalanche rescue shovel comes with an interchangeable ice axe head for Type 1 (basic) ice axes. The Shaxe Tech has a curved fixed-length shaft and stainless steel head with additional 9 degrees of pick angle providing higher performance on harder, steeper climbs.

Great addition to your spring/summer skiing arsenal. Shovel still operational when switched to axe mode. Includes hardware to utilize the blade and shaft to make a rescue sled with K2 skis (or any skis with holes in tip and tail).

The smooth blade allows for shaving down clean snow pit walls and contains holes for use as a snow anchor.

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Shaxe Avalanche Shovel/Ice Axe Video

Additional information

Weight in Shovel Mode

1.5 lbs / 706 g

Weight in Axe Mode

1.0 lbs / 436 g

Total Packed Weight (All Parts)

2.0 lbs / 902 g

Pick Material

420 stainless steel

Blade Dimensions

9.4 x 11.2 in / 24 x 28.5 cm

Blade/Shaft Material

6061 T6 Aluminum

Shovel Mode Length

27 in / 68 cm

Axe Mode Length

20 in / 51 cm

2 reviews for Shaxe Tech Avalanche Shovel

  1. Freeskier Editors

    Since the introduction of the Tracker DTS in 1997, BCA’s Tracker series of avalanche transceivers has oft been praised for its ease-of-use. The Tracker 3 weighs in at 7.6 ounces sans harness, making it 20 percent lighter than its predecessors, eliminating bulk during backcountry travel. The three-antenna beacon utilizes Big Picture mode to display the distance and direction of each signal’s location during multiple burial scenarios. Signal suppression mode allows you to mark and mask found victim’s’ transmissions in order to concentrate on the net.

  2. Freeskier Editors

    BCA’s new Shaxe Tech shovel and ice axe combination allows backcountry travellers to free up space in their pack without sacrificing necessary equipment. Removing the shovel blade and swapping the handle for the stainless steel axe head (which comes in its own carrying pouch) reveals a fully functional ice axe, ideal for couloir ascents as well as bootpack travel in steeper terrain. Once atop your objective, easily convert the Sahxe back to a shovel and you’re ready to go.

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