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RS EXT Avalanche Shovel

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This Backcountry Access product is light, extendable, and small. The Avalanche rescue shovel with hoe mode for weight-conscious skiers and snowboarders.



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The RS EXT avalanche shovel is both light and extendable for weight conscious skiers and snowboarders that prefer the comfort and functionality of an extendable shovel.

Hoe mode creates the ultimate tool for “strategic shoveling” and digging out stuck snowmobiles. The BCA avalanche rescue shovel line boasts an off-the-chart strength to weight ratio while taking up minimal storage space in your pack.

Remember, the excavation process in an avalanche rescue is where the most time can be lost or gained.

RS EXT Avalanche Shovel Features

  • Heat-treated neckless blade
  • Rectangular shaft
  • Ergonomic grip
  • T6 heat treatment
  • Easy conversion to hoe mode
  • Holes in blade for use as snow anchor

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Additional information


1.6 lbs / 715 g

Blade Dimensions

9 x 11 in / 25 x 28 cm

Collapsed Length

11 in / 28 cm

Assembled Extended Length

25 in / 64 cm

8 reviews for RS EXT Avalanche Shovel

  1. Christopher Smith

    So glad I decided to go for a shovel with hoe mode based off a suggestion from someone in a BSP course I took recently. As others point out, it moves ALOT of snow with fairly minimal effort compared to regular shovel mode (which does still have it’s uses). Great for pits and God forbid having to dig out a partner. One other thing I found it great for recently though is digging out snowcaves. With regular shovels you have to take the handle out if you are going to use it especially when digging the initial tunnel and trying to get the snow out of the tunnel. This thing makes easy work of this job though. My only complaint was I wish I could have gotten hoe mode with the Shaxe because that would be a really awesome combo.

  2. Isaac Freeland

    This my favorite shovel I’ve owned yet. It’s lightweight and has the ability to work in hoe mode which is perfect for moving tons of snow down a slope quickly. Also, you can use the shovel blade as a deadman type anchor and use the entire shovel to create an emergency rescue sled just in case you ever need that. It’s also very smooth on the backside of the blade so when you’re digging snowpits it leaves a nice smooth cut making it easy to differentiate between snow layers.

  3. Jimmy Smith

    Been running this shovel almost since it first came out. First, this is the most efficient snow mover design you can find. The ability to switch between hoe mode and traditional mode is key. Hoe mode moves lower density snow far more quickly then any other method; when the snow gets dense go to traditional mode. Switching back and forth is easy and secure. Second, this thing is light and extremely strong, just what you want in the backcountry. If you are digging snowpits, your car, or hopefully not your touring partner, this is the tool you want.

  4. Jesse Stanton

    Awesome shovel, very durable and worked great opening up snow that had a crust. Never used the “Hoe Mode” but was told it is pretty important in event of a rescue.

  5. DRhalves

    During an Avy Rescue course one of our tasks was to have our skis, packs and pole straps on. Then at the word GO take them off, assemble our probe and shovel and dig a pit large enough to lay down in with our gear and get skied over by our guide. With the BCA RS EXT shovel in hoe mode it crushed. The amount of snow and how quickly it can be removed is impressive. I wouldn’t want any other for days on skis or my sled. When you need to shovel snow, make it easier and faster with this one.

  6. Tino V

    Like skis, I have a quiver of avalanche shovels. The RS EXT is the one that comes with me when there is a lot of digging to be done or when weight is not a concern. Ski area, lift access touring, sidecountry, mechanized ski days in the snowcat or helicopter – this is the shovel you want. Likewise, if you are going to be digging a lot of snow study pit profiles, this shovel will be the one you want. The extendable handle and “hoe mode” make moving snow a breeze and, if it comes down to it, digging your partner out of avalanche debris will be made easier and faster with these features.

  7. Doru

    I hesitated to buy it cause of the weight. Then I compared to the others and it is not actually as heavy. For reference it is 725g and compared to Black Diamond Transfer 3 – 692g, Mammut Alugator Pro – 794g, or Black Diamond Evac 7 -794g it is Ok. It is big and that is a very good thing. If you are into touring and you actually want to be able to dig someone out in time this is the kind of shovel you want, not a toy shovel just to put your mind at ease that you have one. It is sturdy, and the hoe is excellent when you are in the second line of diggers during the rescue or for digging snow pits! I’m very happy with the shovel and fits in my Black Diamond Saga 40 backpack with room to spare. With the probe, saw and the shovel I still have space for skins for 184cm skis (the G3 Scala that are bulkier to pack).

  8. Team REI

    The BCA avalanche rescue shovel line boasts a strength-to-weight ratio that’s off the charts, while taking up minimal storage space in your pack. It also converts to a hoe for digging out snowmobiles.

    It’s lightweight and extendable for weight-conscious skiers and snowboarders that prefer the comfort and functionality of an extendable shovel
    Heat-treated neckless blade
    Rectangular shaft
    Ergonomic grip
    T6 heat treatment
    Converts easily to hoe mode
    Holes in blade allow it to be used as a snow anchor

    Technical specs

    Best Use
    Backcountry Skiing
    Blade Construction
    6061 Aluminum (T6)
    Blade Size
    11 x 9 inches
    Packed Length
    25 inches
    Extended Length
    33.5 inches
    1 lb. 7 oz.

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