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BCA Tracker3™ Avalanche Transceiver

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The Backcountry Access Tracker’s legendary ease-of-use in our flagship product. This small and light beacon includes a harness and batteries.



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The BCA Tracker3™ Avalanche Transceiver beacon has an instantaneous real-time display-and it is 20 percent smaller and lighter. The beacon is designed to be “pocket-friendly,” and T3 is the choice of guides, mountaineers, and the weight-conscious crowd. This transceiver uses Signal Suppression (SS) and Big Picture (BP) modes for no-nonsense multiple-victim searching. Motion-sensing auto revert-to-transmit mode. Upgradeable software and electronics performance testing for Tracker3 fleet management. All transceivers include harness and batteries.

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Additional information


457 kHz

Max range

55 meters

Search strip width

50 meters


three AAA alkaline

Battery life

minimum 1 hour in search mode after 200 hours in transmit mode (approximately 250 hours in transmit only or 50 hours in search only)

Unit weight with batteries

7.6 oz. / 215 grams

Harness weight

4.2 oz / 120 grams


4.6 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches / 11.6 x 7.1 x 2.4 cm


Limited 5-year warranty


Assembled and tested in the USA

Patents & Licenses

US Patent #6,167,249 & 6,484,021 B1. Certified to be in compliance with all applicable North American and European norms.

42 reviews for BCA Tracker3™ Avalanche Transceiver

  1. Franny P

    Best Beacon Out There
    Small, easy to use, efficient and makes awesome noises! I love my new Tracker 3. BCA really stepped it up with this newest model. Even easier to use and works great. You can barely feel it while skiing and hiking!

  2. Martin Lentz

    Worn in either the sling or an outerwear pocket, the Tracker 3 is so small you’ll forget you have it until you need it. Then you’ll be really glad to have it. The display is simple to use and the range competes with any other transceiver on the market.

    I upgraded from the Tracker 2 a week before taking an avy course and was able to get so familiar with the Tracker 3 that I greased the multi-burial beacon test in only a few minutes.

  3. Riley Leboe

    I’ve used a number of transceivers over the years including the Tracker, Tracker 2, T3, Mammut Pulse. The T3 is fast and easy to use. Which under a stressful situation like companion rescue, fast and easy is essential. Getting familiar with the transceiver, it has a great amount of features for multiple burials and unique situations. Its also super small and sits close to the body.

  4. RMAG

    I’ve been a BCA Tracker user for well over a decade, so I’m a bit biased, and very familiar with the technology. Mostly because I’ve had great success with the tracker beacons and also because I crave simple solid gear for my clients and myself. It’s fast & reliable like the T-1 and T-2’s, and it’s now got the ability to deal with multiple burials with a bit more ease. The T3 has also gotten a bit smaller and lighter! (who isn’t a fan of that) Which means when I tether and stow it in my zipped front pant pocket it’s less noticeable. When choosing a piece of emergency gear I’m VERY picky, and I have no patience for waiting on a slow beacon or a complicated one…

  5. John B

    Very fast processor, crushes in the fine search, easy to use, light and compact (great for beacon-in-pocket users), low-stress sounds!

  6. Backcountry

    Anyone who’s waited for their beacon’s lag to catch up—during practice or an actual emergency—will immediately appreciate the Tracker 3’s instantaneous real-time display. Not only does it provide instant feedback, but a Signal Suppression prevents any distortions when we’re searching for multiple victims. It also sounds like a vintage video game when we turn it on, which is unnecessary to say—we know—but we like it anyway.

  7. Weston Deutschlander

    Amazing pro level beacon. Simplicity when it all goes wrong is of the utmost importance and this beacon delivers.

  8. Duncan Lee

    latest and greatest! I have been using the tracker 3 for two seasons, teaching AIARE avalanche courses, and in normal backcountry situations. This beacon is the newest technology that fits into a slim device that doest it all. I find that my search times have gotten better with this beacon, and it does the job the first time. I am very happy with this product.

  9. Jason M.

    BCA does it again! I find the T3 to be user friendly with great features such as small size, light weight, handy retainer leash, directional arrows. The first night I played “find the beacon” in the house with the kids hiding another transmitter; it was great fun for all of us. If you’re on the fence, just do it. Plus, as an added bonus if you ever have any issues with your BCA products the company has stellar customer service!

  10. Freeskier Editors

    The Tracker 2 beacon has found itself nestled into the pages of Freeskier’s Buyer’s Guide each year since its 2013 release for good reason. The avalanche beacon – which is 20% lighter than other Trackers – utilizes three antennas in an instantaneous real-time display. In multiple burial scenarios, big picture mode exhibits each signal’s distance and direction while the transceiver’s signal suppression component conceals a found victim’s transmission, allowing the user to focus on the next indicator.

  11. Josh Bibby

    Awesome product, in all my practice searches with friends the Tracker3 really stands out. We have had occasional races and so far I an undefeated with this beacon.

  12. Minot M.

    First thing you notice about this beacon is it’s small size and clean design. Easy to pop in a pant leg pocket, like I do as I prefer to tour without the harness. Besides this, it’s got really simple intutitve functionality….particularly with multi-burial mode. Just push the function button and it tells you if you’ve got two or more buried victims and if the victims are in close proximity. Instead of flagging, it suppresses the strongest signal i.e., the first victim you’re on top of, which enables you to get away from them and latch onto the next closest signal. I really like this feature as it’s more realiable than flagging, where the internal processor has to run more complex alogorithms to keep track of the varying pulse rates of the different multiple beacons. Flagging also taps out at how many different beacons can be flagged per the unit’s capabilies. The T3 you just keep hoping from one victim to the next, merely suppressing whoever you were on top of. Also, cool, and what I find really helpful when I get confused, is the function button if held down with constant pressure engages a mode called “big picture.” This enables you to see all the data for every beacon at once…sort of like taking an old analog transceiver and cranking the volume to full blast. With big picture, if I’m consfused about what’s going on, I can get an quick overall assessment of the relative distance of all beacons from me plus how many there are. Besides this, the other thing I’ve noticed about the T3, as well as other BCA beacons (been using them since ’99) is they have a faster processing speed for picking up the data coming from the buried beacon i.e., it appears in real time. I think it’s because the alogorithms are simplier in BCA products so they can run the signal faster (?). My believe the original “x” pattern of the searching antennas that BCA patented, enabled these simplier alogoritms. This speed is really critical when I’m trying to pinpoint a deep burial.

  13. Brandon H.

    My first beacon purchased. Love it so far. It’s lighter and tighter than the Tracker 1 and 2. Had a few days with both of those. I like the multiple burial feature on this one, the 3. Battery life seems to be better than the Tracker 2 as well. No issues at all.

  14. Erik Hilb

    Works exceptionally well, especially when testing the multi-burial function, and the interface itself.

    Also love how compact it is and how well it fits to my body, makes it much more pleasant to have on and less bulky through my jacket.

  15. Adam U

    I really like the simplicity of the Tracker3 vs. a lot of other fancypants beacons that have a million other functions other than “find your partner”.

    When doing beacon drills this season my friends and I with T3s were faster than other friends with more complicated beacons. It got to the point where I just wanted to trade with them – if I ever got buried I’d rather they are searching with a no-brainer beacon vs. something more complicated.

    It’s fast, easy, compact, accurate and nothing else. That’s how I want my beacon.

  16. Colter

    Upgrading to this beacon from the tracker2 was a great upgrade for me. This beacon is really easy to use, and it does multiple burials with eas. It is a really nice size and it makes really cool noises! Every year in the early winter I attend IPRW where we practice with our gear and get tested to find 2 beacons in under 3 minutes and its hard! not everyone finds both, in fact less than 50% do. I did this year after I upgraded and failed to find the second last year without this new beacon.

  17. Dave Treadway

    Simple enough for the beginner; advanced enough for the pro!
    Really cool sounds it makes too.

    Great fit if you prefer to wear it in your pocket.

  18. Shaun Raskin

    When I’m practicing companion rescue I am always looking for all of my gear and communication to be “clean and clear” and the tracker 3 is exactly that. The compact packaging allows it to slip in and out of my pocket with ease, the leash design allows the beacon to be securely attached without restricting my movement on a fine grid search. The processor continues to blow many of the other brands out of the water (which is impressive because of all the new software that the T3 has now) allowing me to start moving towards my buried victims well before many of my colleagues or students when practicing drills. The mode button is also a sweet nod to the tracker of old but with much more sophisticated tools. The first is SS (Signal Suppression) This works just like flagging function on many other brands of beacons and is the first generation of BCA beacons to use this technology. This allows you to suppress the signal of the closest beacon, focussing on the next in a multiple burial situation.
    Another function I have used and really appreciate is the BP (Big Picture) function also found under the mode button. This gives you distance and location of all victims, allowing for a more affective triage if you were to ever be faced with this terrible scenario of a multiple burial.
    All and all I can’t say enough about this beacon. I teach avalanche courses and am a guide and have gotten to use most beacons on the market and have to say I love my T3 because it has a perfect balance of sophisticated technology and applicable tools without the unnecessary and often unreliable bells and whistles of some other high end beacons.

  19. Tim

    This is what I’ve been waiting for in a transceiver. I’m typically accessing the backcountry via splitboard so I’m always looking for a small lightweight kit and the Tracker 3 fits that profile. The sleek design fits anywhere and you don’t even notice you’re wearing it. However with the small lightweight design it doesn’t short on technology. Super effective and efficient and the operation is very intuitive. Everything you want and nothing you don’t need. Stoked to be on the cutting edge of technology!

  20. KC Deane

    I’ve been using this beacon all season and waited to write a review until I had used it a bit. I can’t say enough about the tracker 3. For me practicing with it Im able to find the beacon faster and with more accuracy which gives me more confidence in case of an emergency. Another feature on the beacon that is awesome is the AR feature which is Automatic Recourse, so if you get caught by hang fire, or another slide while in search mode it will go back to transmitting even if you don’t have time to switch it back. I would highly recommend the Tracker 3.

  21. Kim Havell

    As a guide and professional backcountry skier/ski mountaineer (and a BCA ambassador – disclosure) , this is my transceiver of choice. It is light, compact and easy to read and to use. In a random AMGA test scenario this spring, I located 3 beacons in under 7 minutes with ease and accuracy. With a 3rd antenna and a progressive design and enhanced features, it remains a simple unit to operate with complex excellent mechanisms driving it under the cover. For clients and guests, it is also one of the easiest beacons to operate in high-stress scenarios with simple functions and intuitive indicators. Highly recommend this unit for beginners to experts.

  22. Mattias

    In my opinion the Tracker 3 does everything you need it to and nothing more. I feel like what makes a good transceiver is a mix of new technology with simplicity and the Tracker 3 does that in a lightweight easy to use package.

  23. skippy_085

    As important as safety is in the backcountry, knowledge is key but top of the line equipment is important too. Lightweight, smaller design and faster search, the tracker3 is a great upgrade to the 2. Luckily haven’t had to use it except for practice, but it takes any guesswork out of searching. Batteries last forever in transmit, only replaced them once last year with 70+ days wearing it.

  24. Tess G.

    A good beacon can’t replace knowledge and good backcountry sense. That said, this beacon is my favorite so far! It is easy to use, fast, and very intuitive. I took it out for the first time in the back yard and figured it out almost immediately. The harness it comes with holds it in perfectly on my body without being to bulky or in the way. It is worth reading the user manual though, I like my beacon to auto revert (go back to transmit after certain amount of time without movement, helpful in the case of a secondary avalanche), this one doesn’t come preprogramed to auto revert but it is an option you just have to read the manual. Overall a great buy at a great price. Good for both the first time backcountry user or a highly experienced backcountry enthusiast. Have fun out there!

  25. Stephanie Santeford

    Love the Tracker 3. My first experience using this device was during on the snow Avalanche training. It was really quick & accurate. Very easy to use. The switch change from transmit to search was easily assessable. Sleek and light weight. Comes with a pouch/shoulder/waist strap along with a tether that you can clip to your clothing. I would highly recommend the Tracker 3 for any user. It’s my tracker of choice!

  26. Amie Engerbretson

    Well once again they come through with a quick intuitive easy design. When compared side by side with my tracker 1 it is replacing I can’t believe how much faster and more accurate the search and direction finding is. The new unit cuts out a lot of the stop and pivot under 10 meters to better orient yourself that you get with the original tracker. It is very very quick all the way in. I also like the compactness and new display. My only wish would be the old thumb screw for the battery compartment would have transferred over.

  27. Jacob P.

    BCA nailed it with this beacon. Luckily I haven’t had to use it in a real-life situation. Switching it from Transmit Mode to Search Mode is pretty much fool proof. Once in Search Mode, finding buried beacon(s) is very intuitive. It’s also compact, and lightweight. I’d recommend the Tracker 3 to beginners and backcountry pros alike.

  28. Rich M.

    I’ve been a BCA Tracker user for well over a decade, so I’m a bit biased, and very familiar with the technology. Mostly because I’ve had great success with the tracker beacons and also because I crave simple solid gear for my clients and myself. It’s fast & reliable like the T-1 and T-2’s, and it’s now got the ability to deal with multiple burials with a bit more ease. The T3 has also gotten a bit smaller and lighter! (who isn’t a fan of that) Which means when I tether and stow it in my zipped front pant pocket it’s less noticeable.
    When choosing a piece of emergency gear I’m VERY picky, and I have no patience for waiting on a slow beacon or a complicated one…

  29. Emery Gaylord

    Really easy to figure out how to use, reliable, lightweight! An all around winner. Never leave the house without a reliable beacon.

  30. Robert

    Ahhhh! First avalanche beacon. This beacon is quick to locate buried beacons. Easy to use. I used it in my avalanche 1 training class and it was always the first to lock onto a buried beacon. Extremely accurate once you’ve locked onto a beacon. I hope I don’t have to use itonce out im in the back country.

  31. Jason True

    Bottom line, very user friendly, easy to locate a signal and grid search until you’re right on top of the buried beacon(hopefully you’re just practicing!).

  32. Ingrid J

    I used this beacon for an AIARE 1 avi class and loved how easy and simple it was to use. Used the BCA tracker 2 before upgrading but really, they are all pretty fool proof and easy to use. I really liked the slimness of the tracker 3 as it fits in leg pocket-easy access if needed. Nice loud beeps for detecting a body-never needed to use it in a real life situation thankfully, but if i did, this would be quick and on point!

  33. Brennan K

    The entire tracker line has been some of the easiest beacons to use that I have had the opportunity to use. The Baryovox pulse was decent, but there was a learning curve involved. The original tracker required pressing down a button (could be confusing to some), where the tracker 2, you just pull down on a tab at the bottom to go from transmit to search. It is super fast and user friendly. Well, the tracker 3 is just as easy, except pulling a tab down, you turn a dial. It is much smaller than the two before it, which allows for being able to put it in your pocket for when you are constantly going through layers or want the piece of mind of it in a zippered pocket. It is VERY audible. You know when you are turning it on or turning it off, as well as going from transmit to search and viceversa. The directional arrows and distance readings are usually spot on as well which helps get to those victims even faster.

  34. Matt A

    I recently retired my old Ortovox for the Tracker 3 and should have done it a long time ago. This beacon is very easy to use in the search mode and provides the arrows/direction of search clearly. It also shows the battery power left upon start up which is a really nice feature as well. I like the size and weight on this as you can put it in a jacket or pant pocket no problem.

  35. Jack Beighle

    When I first started heading into the backcountry, I was trained with a Tracker 2, arguably one of the simplest beacon interfaces that can be used. So when it came time to get my own gear, I decided to spend the few extra bucks and drop in to the Tracker 3. I love the small, sleek size, the screen is clear and easy to use, I like having the ability to track multiple burials, (though I hope to never have to worry about it!)

  36. Jesse Ramirez

    I highly recommend this beacon for a beginner to expert level. It’s super easy to use and figure out, transit and search mode are easy to switch on and off. Small and convenient pocket size wont be bother some in your pocket.

  37. JeffJ

    Additional antenna does what it should – makes finding easier. Less bulky and of course, since its BCA, its easy to use.

  38. Ash D.

    We used for 5 days of backcountry in AK without running the batteries below 90%. Many people have opinions on beacon specifics like multiple burials. I won’t go into the dogma but will say that the device has sufficient functions but as with any beacon, you need to practice them to make sure you can use them in a real-life situation. Couple highlights: masking lasts about 60-90 seconds, so you don’t have to turn on/off the device to reset it like some others. Also, there’s a feature that will start beeping once it’s been on for 10-12hrs (not sure exactly how long but about that much) to remind you to turn it off before you run out of batteries. Happened to us one day and once we found what the “ringing hotel phone” sound was, were grateful not to have to replace the batteries a few days in. I’d recommend trialing the T3 for sure.

  39. HeatherM

    I used this beacon for the first time in my avalanche 1 training class and have used it every time since backcountry skiing. Before trekking out, you’re supposed to test the beacons to make sure the range is working properly. This beacon was consistently the most accurate out of a group of 4 or 5 different beacon types. After multiple burial and recovery trials I was happy to have this beacon opposed to any other kind. I trust it very much. The battery lift also seems to be really good! I haven’t had to replace mine yet. I would highly recommend this beacon. Easy to use and easy to learn. It also makes some pretty entertaining noises when powering up or off.

  40. bcbob

    Great upgrade on a great design. Simple and easy to use for beginners and experts alike.

  41. Shaun Raskin

    As an avalanche educator and guide I have had the opportunity to play with most of the beacons on the market and I choose to rock the Tracker 3 every day.

    While BCA slimmed down it’s look it beefed up its capabilities. From having a quick and easy to read real time display to multiple burial indicators and a special function that allows the rescuer to see the Big Picture or focus in on a single signal in a multiple burial situation this beacon has a lot of bells without gumming up the works with all the whistles.

    By keeping the main screen simple and to the point, you are less likely to get confused in a burial situation.

    There are more advanced options behind the home screen that make it great for use in a professional environment.

    The simplicity also, like many bellow have expressed, allow for the battery life to last much longer than many other beacons on the market.

    The ability to upgrade/ run diagnostics on the beacon from your computer is also a sweet little extra.

    All and all this beacon takes the best of the Tracker predecessors and brings it’s processing and design into the tech age, leaving many of the other manufacturers behind.

  42. Amie E.

    Fastest Beacon!

    I began using the Tracker 3 at the beginning of last season. I used it multiple times in the backcountry and also while on 2 heli trips. In the process I practiced with it multiple times and was involved in multiple beacon drills. The easy to use format and quick thinking computer made this beacon the fastest in all the drills I did. I adjusted right away to the format and feel very comfortable with it. The size and carry system are also very comfortable!

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