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BCA Scepter Aluminum Poles

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The light, durable, and adjustable design with a scraper grip and utility hook. Our mainstream touring pole for all backcountry travels.

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The BCA Scepter Aluminum Poles are adjustable, light, and durable for the all-around mainstream backcountry skier. The Backcountry Access Scraper Grip is designed to be secure and comfortable while keeping your skis snow-free. Subtly on the grip, you will find the utility hook which makes for an effective binding and boot adjustment while on your excursion- a small yet very functional detail. The upper shaft features a sprayed-on coating for grip texture. With such, this product is as practical as a full foam grip without the weight, giving these Sceptor Aluminum Poles the lightest choke up grip possible.

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8.8oz / 250g (single pole)


Adjustable 105 cm – 145 cm




Adjustable webbing


BCA Scraper Grip, rubber over-mold


7075 Aluminum


BCA Concave Hex Basket



3 reviews for BCA Scepter Aluminum Poles


    The Scepter Aluminum Poles have become my go-to for ski touring. I love the utility hook and scraper grip for adjusting my bindings and getting snow and ice off my top sheets, skis, or skins. The spray-on grip coating is nice and helps keep the poles light. They’re functional, lightweight, and durable – I would highly recommend them for anyone in the market for poles.

  2. Emilie Kelly

    Hi Alex – Our scepter poles are covered by a 3-year limited warranty. If you’d like to submit for warranty repair or replacement, see:

  3. Thomas Martins

    Another super solid offering from BCA. I’ve been using them as recommended without the straps. I understand the desire to have as little attached to your person as possible in case of getting caught in a slide, but I really thought I’d miss the extra torque provided by the straps on the steep uphill skins. Truth is, I have not, and having one less thing to fuss with during changeovers is nice. The flip-lock for length adjustment and baskets work just as they should, but really sets these apart is the versatile grip. It is like having a Swiss army knife attached to the end of your pole. I use the “utility hook” several times per climb for flipping my heal lifters up and down, another reason not to have them attached with straps. It makes a great back scratcher too. When turned sideways it turns into an excellent scraper for the top of my skis and windshield after a snowy tour. The flat tops are also useful for really pushing down with my palm on steep climbs or for getting up after crashing in powder. As with all their products, it is evident that they were thoughtfully designed and refined by people that really use them.

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