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BCA Float Snowboard Carry Attachment


Accessory for attaching your snowboard. Compatible with to our BCA Float 8, Float 22, and Float 42 1.0 avalanche airbags  (previous season models only).



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The BCA Float Snowboard Carry Attachment is a Backcountry Access product that permits snowboarders to ride in areas without chairlifts or gondolas by hiking up. The attachment easily attaches to a back panel on the following BCA Float 1.0 avalanche airbags (previous season models only): BCA Float 8, BCA Float 22, and BCA Float 42. After attaching it to your avalanche backpack, the product will carry your snowboard horizontally. This will allow for walking and hiking leg space while on your adventure up. In addition, the carrying attachment is easily removable and adjustable to grant for a comfortable experience in the backcountry.

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5 ounces / 0.3 pounds


14" X 11" / 35 X 28 cm



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