BCA Pro Athletes

  • Adam U

    Skier, marine biologist and musician – Adam U is a true global powderhound. His big mountain descents have appeared in mags worldwide like Powder, Ski, Backcountry, Off-Piste, Men’s Journal, Ski Canada, Outdoor Japan, Åka Skidor, Skieur, and more.

  • Ahmet Dadali

    Ahmet grew up in New York where there was no park skiing so he intuitively skied the streets finding rails in the urban area. Since then he has developed into a professional freeskier with film segments in Level 1 and his own series called “Flip The Script.”

  • Alex Deibold

    Alex is an American snowboarder from Vermont who has won a bronze medal for the men’s snowboard cross in the 2014 Olympics. He started snowboarding by the age of four and he knows how to compete with persistence, speed, and power.

  • Anna Gerig

    Anna is from Munich, Germany and she is a skier that is a part of the K2 Woman’s Alliance. She can freeride at a top-notch level and she embraces the ski lines that others don’t consider. With a send all mentality, this girl is ready to win.

  • Anna Orlova

    Russian snowboarder Anna Orlova is the #3 Freeride World Tour overall athlete in 2018, with 2nd place in Canada, 3rd in Austria and 2nd in Verbier Xtreme. Not bad for her rookie year! She rides light with a Float 8 avalanche airbag.

  • Andrew Pollard

    Raised on the slopes of Alta’s ski mountain with a family who shreds, Andrew lives and breathes skiing. With his love for vertical feet and bottomless powder, he earned his spot in this past year’s FWT competition as a rookie alongside his sister Jackie.

  • Blake Moller

    A Colorado native with a desire to snowboard good snow and terrain, Blake Moller is an all-around athlete who loves skating, climbing, and biking. Catch him in the FWT Tour ripping up the mountain, but look a little higher than expected because he can catch some air.

  • Blake Marshall

    Not only is Blake in the Freeride World Tour, but he was a winning Freeride World Qualifier on his home mountain in Queenstown. Coming from two parents that are ski instructors and starting at the age of three, Blake is an expert in freeriding.

  • Beau Bishop

    Beau is an avid snowboarder that won’t miss a powder day for anything. Not only can he find good lines, but he hits the highest cliffs and throws insane tricks. Be sure to check out his skill in his Turn & Burn Series.

  • Birgit Ertl

    Birgit is an Austrian native with a rich background as a ski racer, instructor, and freerider. She has competed in the Freeride World Qualifiers and has traveled the world pursuing her passion to shred.

  • Caite Zeliff

    Caite is an energetic freeskier who is a Freeride World Qualifier residing in Jackson, Wyoming. With her ambitious mindset and incredible skill, she is featured in the Warren Miller Films doing what she loves- ripping.

  • Colter Hinchliffe

    Colter Hinchliffe is a pro skier out of Aspen, CO. He have travelled the world skiing and filming and his favorite place to be is in the backcountry with awesome partners and great snow! Colter is featured in the BCA Backcountry Basics video series.

  • Corey Seemann

    “Born and raised in Vail Colorado. Skiing and flying is my passion in life along with having fun. I am always on the hunt to boost into pow and get airborne. Whether it’s the park to AK spines I love it all!” Corey is a prolific pro skier who has been featured on the cover of numerous ski mags.

  • Daron Rahlves

    The most decorated male American Downhill and Super G skier in history, Daron’s won 12 World Cup races, 7 US National Titles, and was the 2001 Super G World Champion. Rahlves is now a big mountain movie star.

  • Davey Baird

    Davey Baird is a 23-year-old snowboarder from Homer, Alaska with an impressive melon grab. His passion and commitment to snowboarding qualified him into the FWQ and rained him the champion in 2016. Catch him fishing and hiking when the snow is gone.

  • Francesca Ace Pavillard-Cain

    Francesca Ace Pavillard-Cain debuts in Warren Miller Entertainment’s 69th ski and snowboard film, Face of Winter in 2018. A PSIA-AASI Alpine Level III instructor and big mountain freeride competitor, watch her on the rise.

  • Grifen Moller

    Grifin is a big mountain skier from Edwards, CO and ski for Team Summit (Arapahoe Basin). He competes in the IFSA Jr. Freeskiing comps and last year qualified for the Freeride Junior World Champs in Andorra 2016. He reports: “I am so honored to have K2 on my feet and BCA on my back.”

  • Gilles Sierro

    Gilles is an extreme skier from Switzerland who specializes in skiing down the steepest of slopes. He took part in alpine ski races until age 16, so he has the foundation to rip up any type of terrain. Catch him skiing where other people dream to climb.

  • Greg Hope

    Greg Hope is a sensational skier from Telluride, Colorado where the big mountain skiing is exceptional. Not only can he catch air, rip powder, and throw some tricks, but he does it all so safely with the correct avalanche gear. Check out his film “Locals” on Outside TV to see his skill.

  • Henrik Harlaut

    A Swedish skier who can throw some of the most creative tricks, Henrik Harlaut is an 11-time medalist. With his high energy and ambitious spirit, he has the most X Games Ski Big Air gold in history. With his stylish character and moves, he doesn’t look or ski like your average pro-athlete.

  • Hugo Hoff

    Hugo Hoff is a young French skier who is ready to make some ski history. As a racer for ten years, he has the foundation and skill to compete at his top level for his greatest passion- freeride skiing. Catch him in the Freeride World Qualifiers skiing fast and sturdy.

  • Isaac Freeland

    Freeland is always about the fun and is down to add some new tricks to his bag. A combo of ability and creativity earned Issac 4th in the 2018 FWQ.

  • Jack Nichols

    Born and raised in Vail, Colorado while currently living in Bozeman, Jack is a passionate skier with major skill. He has been competing in the IFSA freeride competitions since age 13 and this past winter took 3rd place in the Freeride World Qualifiers placing him in the FWT 2020.

  • Jacqueline Pollard

    A forceful skier from Alta with a slopeside upbringing, Jacqueline has worked her hardest to make it into this past year’s FWT. With her humble skiing persona, she is shredding the slopes as a child enjoys the mountain alongside her brother Andrew.

  • Jake Hopfinger

    Jake is a fearless skier who is currently shredding it in Bozeman, Montana. As a New York native, he has the ability to ski all types of terrain whether its ice, big mountain or powder. Be sure to watch some of his videos, this guy can catch some big air.

  • Juliette Willmann

    A FWT athlete that shreds the slopes like no other, Juliette is a powerhouse on her skis. She is from Chamonix, France and has been skiing on the Freeride World Qualifier circuit for a few seasons. Not only can she rip, but she has an outgoing personality.

  • Joona Kangas

    Joona is a Finish freestyle skier who has competed in the 2015 and 2017 FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships, and in the 2018 Winter Olympics. With his ambitious and creative mindset, he skis the lines and catches the air that many don’t consider. Check out his films to see some epic skiing footage.

  • Kevin Nichols

    A Colorado native with an ambitious mindset to win, Kevin is currently skiing on the Freeride World Tour after years on the IFSA Junior Freeskiing Tour. When he’s not competing you can catch him at Montana State University pursuing his education.

  • Leanne Pelosi

    Whistler-based Pro Snowboarder Leanne Pelosi is changing the game for female athletes. The Whistler-based adventuress is known for her prowess as a competitive snowboarder and documenting the successes and journeys of female athletes.

  • Magnus Granér

    A snowboarder until the age of twelve, Magnus Graner knows the ins and outs of the mountain. While studying space engineering, he created edits of urban skiing with “The Bunch” and has been featured in Level 1’s films. He’s known for stomping tricks with precision and style.

  • Miles Clark

    Co-Founder of SnowBrains based in Lake Tahoe, CA. Skiing, surfing, guiding, travel, writing, and language float my boat.

  • Melissa Riitano

    Melissa Riitano is a boundless snowboarder from Montana who excels on all parts of the mountain. She can shred the park, backcountry, and groomers enough to gain recognition from K2. Known for having the sickest style and a bubbly personality, Melissa is a true snowboarding competitor.

  • Owen Leeper

    Owen competed in half-pipe and slopestyle through college at the University of Colorado. Since then, he’s been honing his big mountain lines in Aspen and Jackson, where he skis most the Tetons, including the Grand, Middle, and South.

  • Phil Casabon

    Phil is from Quebec and is arguably one of the most creative freeskiers to exist, competing into the Winter X Games Slopestyle final three years in a row. He has an innovative ski style, and creates polished films that change the skiing game.

  • Rachel Croft

    A lifelong skier from Washington who can ski any type of terrain, Rachel Croft is ranked as one of the top female freeride skiers in America’s freeride competition. Not only can she ski with perfect style and form, but she is a great whitewater paddler, mountain biker, and climber.

  • Riley Leboe

    Freeskier, powder hound, pickup driver and outdoorsman, Riley’s motto is: “If you want high alpine, you can go to the coast, if you want steep trees, you can shred the interior, snow quality is as good as anywhere in the world.”

  • Robin Van Gyn

    Robin is a Canadian snowboarder dedicated to getting women out in the backcountry. She guides for Baldface Lodge, BC during the winter and for SASS Global Travel in Argentina in the summer. Robyn teaches the S.A.F.E. A.S. women’s avalanche clinics.

  • Roman Rohrmoser

    An Austrian skier with an alpine racing foundation, Roman can hit cliffs and find epic powder lines with style and ease. He has skied on the Freeride Rookie Tour for two years and now focuses on film shoots and freeskiing.

  • Samuel Schwartz

    Sam Schwartz is a professional skier based out of Jackson, WY. His perseverance has landed him a Junior World Freeski Champion title, published photos in elite ski magazines, and the #1 Backflipper in 2016 from Freeskier Magazine.

  • Sophia Rouches

    A Washington state native, Sophia is a freeskier, environmental educator and self-proclaimed wolverine expert who loves big lines and long walks in the mountains. You can find her on the skin track, or on the pages of magazines across the globe.

  • Sebastien Varlet

    Sebastien is a Freeride World Qualifier who chases snow all year long. Growing up in France, he can find intense drops and good powder lines. He also has a way with photography and has created some great films.

  • Tess Golling

    Tess likes shredding powder, skiing big lines, traveling with her ski bag, finding her way to the top of big mountains then making as few turns as possible on the way down, making pretty turns for the camera, and poking dead things with sticks.

  • Tanner Rainville

    Tanner is one of those people who perform better in front of a camera. As former X Games skier, he knows how to throw big air and sendy tricks. Check out his movies River and Rose, Fade To Winter, and Turbo to see his skill.

  • Tim Eddy

    “A life lived upside down is a life well lived. Backflip a day keeps the doctor away. Flip till ya hit. All reasons why I snowboard. A powder turn is pretty dang cool too!” Find Tim Eddy airing it for K2 Snowboarding, Transworldsnowboarding and more.

  • Tim Durtschi

    Creating a film segment is a complex process, and avalanche safety is critical when planning film missions. As a TGR videographer, Durtschi ensures everyone has proper avalanche gear and training and makes backcountry safety a priority for his crew.

  • Tom Peiffer

    Tom grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and has always lived a sport intensive life. With a racing background and experience skiing in Switzerland and Vancouver, Tom is now a competitive athlete in the Freeride World Tour.

  • Tom Ritsch

    Tom is a freestyle skier from Austria with skills in creating video content and competing. He makes sure to stay in the mountains for as much time as possible skiing year-round. Catch him shredding in more underground comps and be sure to check out his films.

  • Wiley Miller

    Big lines, soft pillows. Super playful spines, with lots of natural take offs and great transitions. Deep and dirty. Asulkan, Revelstoke, Yellow Mountain, Cooke City. Sledding and Shredding. Find him at YLESKI.

  • Verena Gfall

    Verena Gfall is from Freiburg, Germany and she is a part of the K2 Ski Alliance Team. With a very successful alpine racing background, Verena has the power and skill to win. Not only can she rip down icy slopes, but she is keen on finding the best powder lines.

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