BCA’s Contour Hybrid Climbing Skins Are Now Available

BCA’s new, award-winning Contour Hybrid climbing skins are now available in the BCA online store. These new skins check all the boxes – good grip, good glide, easy to trim, easy to stash, and hybrid glue that works in a variety of conditions. Most of all, they pull apart easily–not like fly paper!

Easy on, easy off

One of the best aspects of BCA’s Contour Hybrid climbing skins is how easy they are to pull apart when stored glue-to-glue. These 65% mohair/35% nylon skins require minimal effort to pull apart and remove from the ski–and they stay on after repeated laps in cold weather. No re-gluing is necessary: just wipe down the adhesive layer to restore tackiness. They include a flush metal tip loop and adjustable tail hook, cleaning wipes, stuff sack, and an easy-to-use offset trim tool to fit these skins to your sidecut.

What Makes a Good Climbing Skin?

There are quite a few variables that determine whether a climbing skin is the one you’ll trust in the backcountry. Grip, glide, durability, and how well the glue works are the most important aspects of climbing skins. But there are a few other things that matter.

What is unique about Contour Hybrid Glue?

It’s compressed on two different layers for a strong, permanent bond to the back of the skin that’s both easy-to-release and stable on the ski base.
It’s less influenced by temperature. This means it’s remarkably heat-resistant so is not going to migrate to your ski base. It also means they have good stickiness in cold conditions. You’ll never have to reglue these skins–hybrid glue can be cleaned and reactivated

How do you clean Contour Hybrid Glue?
BCA’s Contour Hybrid climbing skins are as easy to clean as a baby’s bottom: in fact, a baby wipe will do it! Simply wipe off your ski base before mounting your skins, using your gloves, shirt sleeve, or the microfleece on your BCA stuff sack. Make sure to brush off excess wax after waxing up. Monitor the “tack: occasionally: you must be able to lift a section of the skin off the table with just your fingertip on the glue. If the tack is reduced, clean the adhesive with the cleaning wipe included with each skin (or a baby wipe). With proper care, cleaning one to two times per season is sufficient.

How to Clean Contour Hybrid Climbing Skins Video

What is the best way to choose which climbing skin width to buy?

When selecting the climbing skin’s width, look up your ski’s dimensions. Pick a skin width that’s a few millimeters less than or any amount more than the widest part of your ski (generally near the tip). If the widest part of your ski is 134 mm, you could pick a 130mm or wider climbing skin and trim it down.

Are the Contour Hybrid skins easy to trim?

Yes! Watch our video to see how easy it is to trim your climbing skins to fit your skis. No moving the skins back and forth to trim them like our Magic Carpets. Finally, since the temporary protective film stays on the edges during trimming, your trim tool won’t get gummed up in the process.

How to Trim Contour Hybrid Climbing Skins Video

Who recommends Contour Hybrid climbing skins?

Backcountry.com, Outdoor Gear Lab, and Blister have bestowed excellent reviews on Contour Hybrid climbing skin technology.

Backcountry.com 2019 Editor’s Choice: Contour’s Hybrid never failed in even the coldest testing environment and showed no signs of wear after a full season of use.

Blister Buyer’s Guide: The Contour Hybrid climbing skin is an excellent all-round option for those who want a mohair/nylon mix skin that’s low-maintenance, packable, and light. Contour Hybrid’s glue keeps the skin secure on the ski but is significantly easier to rip off than the G3 or Black Diamond glue when it’s time to head downhill. This is really nice for people who like to keep their skis on when ripping skins, or those who don’t want to deal with (or forget) skin savers.

Outdoor Gear Lab: The Contour Hybrid skins are ‘just right.’ Virtually every performance attribute is balanced by the other. Iterative improvements are great; Contour is nailing it!