BCA Summer School is in Session: Take Quizzes, Win Prizes

Summertime may be here, but if you’re like us, you never really stop thinking about winter.  That’s why there’s no better way to spend these long summer months than brushing up on your snow and avalanche safety skills.

Get ready for the upcoming season now with a refresher in backcountry safety and travel in avalanche terrain. BCA Summer School is now in session. Take our quizzes and share with your friends.

Everyone who takes a BCA Summer School quiz will be entered into our BCA 2018 Summer School Contest and registered as a new entry for a chance to win one of six new BCA Urban Backpacks (the Shifty, Backy, and 360 Commute Grab).  Click a quiz link and test your knowledge:




BCA 2018 SUMMER SCHOOL CONTEST RULES: All BCA Summer School participants will be entered into our contest for a chance to win one of six new Backcountry Access Urban Backpacks – the 32-liter 360 Commute Grab (MSRP $99.95), the 25-liter Backy (MSRP $79.95), or the 25-liter Shifty (MSRP $59.95). New registrations received by 11:59 PM Mountain time on Tuesday, August 31, 2018 will be eligible to win, US and Canada only. Registrations will be entered based on the Facebook email and profile of the participant. BCA Summer School contest winners will be selected by September 30th, 2018. All questions must be completed for valid contest entry. You agree to opt-in and to receive Backcountry Access e-mail by entering this contest. BCA reserves the right to substitute prizes of similar value based on availability. See complete contest rules here.

BCA avalanche safety education resources

  • Backcountry Safety Handouts – Avalanche Awareness Guide, Avalanche Airbag 101, Beacon Searching 101, Avalanche Probing 101, Avalanche Shoveling 101, Avalanche Awareness and Leading a Companion Rescue (ski and sled versions).
  • Backcountry Safety Research Papers – BCA’s library of avalanche research, statistics, human factors and communication, rescue technology and techniques.
  • Avalanche Avoidance Videos – The Backcountry Basics (five-part video series)
  • Avalanche Rescue Videos – Companion Rescue (six-part video series)
  • Success Stories – Living proof – learn something new from every avalanche event, whether it occurred in the backcountry or in-area. Even more important, stay out of avalanches in the first place: see our #unepicadventures and #sendandreturn stories, all with happy endings!

#SummerReading to brush up on your skills

Last summer, over 2,000 people participated in our Backcountry Access Summer School.