The 2019 Ski-Doo Avalanche Course Schedule for Mountain Riders

Backcountry Access and Ski-Doo snowmobiles are pleased to present the 2019 Ski-Doo Avalanche Awareness Course schedule. Presented by BCA sled ambassadors Mike Duffy (U.S.) and Marshall Dempster (Canada), snowmobilers can sign up for backcountry rider education with free avalanche awareness and avoidance seminars at local dealer locations in the U.S. and in Canada.

2019 Ski-Doo Avalanche Class Schedule (U.S.)

2019 Ski-Doo Avalanche Class Schedule (Canada)

Avalanche courses are open to owners of all brands of sleds. Most courses are combined with an open house or mountain-riding event. Participants are encouraged to register with the host dealer so they can plan meeting space accordingly and ensure a spot.

As the largest manufacturer of snowmobiles and avalanche safety equipment, Ski-Doo and BCA, respectively, recognize the importance of continuing their leadership role in advancing responsible backcountry use. The free Ski-Doo Avalanche classes use both interactive and classroom-style content that is geared for riders of all skill levels, and attendees are encouraged to bring their friends along no matter what brand they ride.

And all riders are encouraged to enter the 2019 BCA Ski-Doo Giveaway for a chance to win one of eight BCA prizes – a Float Turbo 15 airbag, Tracker2 beacon, a pair of BC Link radios, MtnPro gear and more!

Along with sponsoring seminars, Ski-Doo and BCA also encourage riders to use Backcountry Ascender, an online backcountry education platform, supported by the International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association (ISMA).

Sign up for an avalanche course at a location near you!

U.S. Ski-Doo Avalanche Course Schedule

Sep 27-29, 2019ShowBig East Powersports ShowSyracuseNY DETAILS
Oct 8, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarHoneyvilleUT DETAILS
Oct 9, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarSalt Lake CityUT DETAILS
Oct 11, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarKamasUT DETAILS
Oct 11-13, 2019ShowNH Grass Drag (Race Into Winter)FremontNH DETAILS
Oct 11, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarRexburgID DETAILS
Oct 12-13, 2019ShowRocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo (CO)DenverCO DETAILS
Oct 15, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarRapid CitySD DETAILS
Oct 16, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarMandanND DETAILS
Oct 17, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarLakewoodCO DETAILS
Oct 18-20, 2019ShowMilwaukee Snowmobile ShowMilwaukeeWI DETAILS
OCT 18, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarBoiseID DETAILS
Oct 19-20, 2019ShowWashington Snowmobile ExpoPuyallupWA DETAILS
Oct 22, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarNegauneeMI DETAILS
Oct 23, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarAppletonWI DETAILS
Oct 25-26, 2019ShowIntermountain Snowmobile Show (Utah)SandyUT DETAILS
Oct 25, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarMinneapolisMN DETAILS
Oct 26, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarSauk CentreMN DETAILS
Oct 29, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarGreat FallsMT DETAILS
Oct 30, 2019CourseSeminar AvalancheMissoulaMT DETAILS
NOV 1-3, 2019ShowNovi Snowmobile ShowNoviMI DETAILS
NOV 1, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarCoeur d’AleneID DETAILS
NOV 2, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarGranbyCO DETAILS
NOV 6, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarSioux FallsSD DETAILS
NOV 7, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarTorontoSD DETAILS
NOV 8, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarWorthingtonMN DETAILS
NOV 9, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarWilmingtonIL DETAILS
NOV 12, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarBreckenridgeCO DETAILS
NOV 13, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarWenatcheeWA DETAILS
NOV 14, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarIssaquahWA DETAILS
NOV 15-16, 2019ShowIdaho Snowmobile Show EXPO IdahoBoiseID DETAILS
NOV 15, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarJohnson CreekWI DETAILS

2019 Canada Ski-Doo Avalanche Course Schedule

Oct 15, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarBlackfootAB DETAILS
Oct 16, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarReginaSK DETAILS
Oct 18-20, 2019ShowAlberta Snowmobile & Powersports ShowEdmontonAB DETAILS
Oct 18, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarSwift CurrentSK DETAILS
Oct 22, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarEdmontonAB DETAILS
Oct 23, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarEdmontonAB DETAILS
Oct 25 -27, 2019ShowToronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports ShowMississaugaON DETAILS
Oct 26, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarBrooksAB DETAILS
Oct 29, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarCalgaryAB DETAILS
Oct 30, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarRed Deer CountyAB DETAILS
Oct 1-3, 2019ShowSaskatchewan Snowmobile ShowSaskatoonSK DETAILS
Nov 4, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarGrande PrairieAB DETAILS
Nov 5, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarDawson CreekBC DETAILS
Nov 6, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarEdsonAB DETAILS
Nov 7, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarPrince GeorgeBC DETAILS
Nov 13, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarSquamishBC DETAILS
Nov 14, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarLangleyBC DETAILS
Nov 15-17, 2019ShowSalon National Quad-MotoneigeMontrealQC DETAILS
Nov 16, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarCourtenayBC DETAILS
Nov 19, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarKamloopsBC DETAILS
Nov 21, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarVernonBC DETAILS
Nov 22, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarKelownaBC DETAILS
Nov 26, 2019CourseAvalanche SeminarWinnipegMB DETAILS

About the Seminars

Avalanche courses in Canada are led by Marshall Dempster, a recognized avalanche forecaster, a Lead Instructor (AST1 and 2) and Backcountry Guide. Dempster is a Professional Member of the Canadian Avalanche Association, professional avalanche forecaster and retired Canadian Avalanche Association Rescue dog handler. He has 18 years of mountain experience focused on safe travel as well as mountain rescue and a passion to share his knowledge.

Avalanche courses in the U.S. are led by Mike Duffy of, one of the most recognized snowmobile trainers in North America. In addition to leading the Ski-Doo Avalanche Course tour, Duffy instructs for the American Avalanche Institute, American Avalanche Association, Alaska Avalanche School and Silverton Avalanche School. Duffy has been giving snowmobile-specific avalanche classes since 1996. As rescue team leader in the Vail Mountain Rescue Group, Duffy has more than 27 years of mountain riding and mountain rescue experience.   He is also a backcountry snowmobile guide and riding instructor.