Magic Carpet Skins

Glide up the skin track like you’re on a magic carpet. Made with fast, yet grippy water repellent Nylon plush–and glue formulated for cold North American temperatures. Designed to accommodate the widest and most rockered skis. Our tip and tail hardware is compatible with most ski designs, including rounded twin-tips. The included trim kit gives you the tools you need to cut your skins to fit any sidecuts.

MSRP $149.95-$179.95 USD depending on size

Straight or shaped?
If you will use your skins for touring and weight and glide are of primary concern, a straight skin may be your best choice. If you climb a lot of vertical and your skis are considered “super-sidecut” (greater than 25mm difference between tip and waist), trimming your skins to fit the shape of your skis will give you more climbing performance.

For straight skins:
Subtract 4-6 mm from ski waist width.
For example, if your ski waist is 104mm, a 100mm skin will fit properly.

For trim-to-shape skins:
Subtract 6-10 mm from ski tip width (the fattest dimension of the ski).
For example, if your ski tip width is 108, choose a 100mm skin.

What size skin should I buy?
For trim-to-shape skins subtract 6-10 mm from the ski tip width. For example, if your ski tip width is 108, choose a 100mm skin.

Do the Magic Carpet skins come with a skin divider?
BCA does not sell skin dividers. We recommend folding the skin on itself, glue on glue. Over time, the glue with break in and it will become easier to separate.

What end of the skin do I cut to fit the length of my ski?
The tip is riveted on the skin so you will cut the tail end, attach the rubber hook and fold the skin on itself. Just make sure you don’t cut the skin too short!

Does it come with a trimming tool?
Yes it comes with a trimming tool, storage sack, and directions on how to trim them.

Will the tip and tail hardware fit my twin tip skis?
Our hardware will fit all ski shapes, including a square tip and tail.

Will BCA skins work with my split board?
BCA skins will work with a split board but are not specifically designed for it.

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