B-2 Ext

Our mid-sized shovel for pros and advanced recreationalists.

The ultimate tool for those as serious about digging and snow safety as we are.

MSRP $55.00 USD

Shoveling 101 Handout

Shovelling might sound elementary but it’s the next frontier in decreasing avalanche rescue times. Shovelling takes the majority of time in an avalanche rescue. For information on how to organize and excavate efficiently, download this handout and watch this video.

What makes the bomber shovel so strong?
We have designed our shovels to be the lightest and the strongest shovels on the market. Bomber shovels are made of 6061 aluminum alloy which is the same material commonly used in the construction of airplanes and bike frames. The oval shaft design helps disperse the stress forced on the shaft when lifting or moving heavy material. Our oval shafts are strongest along the major axis, in this case being the vertical axis that takes on the majority of the load. The ferrule of the shovel blade is welded to the back of the pan for continued strength along this load-bearing axis. The blade is constructed for torsional stability through reliefs that enhance the rigidity. This construction allows our Bomber shovels to have an industry leading strength-to-weight ratio.

Which BCA packs are compatible with the B-2 EXT?
All BCA Float and Stash packs are compatible with the B-2 EXT.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a larger blade?
The argument is that the shoveler can move more snow with each shovel but can also fatigue quicker. With a smaller blade, each shovel moves less snow, but the shoveler may be able to shovel for longer. A larger blade is nice for bigger jobs such as digging snow pits, shelters and jumps. It also weighs more than the B-1 and B-1 EXT.

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