Learn about Avalanche Safety

At Backcountry Access we pride ourselves in manufacturing the best snow safety equipment on the planet. But the one piece of equipment we don’t manufacture is knowledge. It’s critical that all of our customers realize that the best way to stay safe in the backcountry is through education. Understanding terrain, weather, snowpack and how to avoid avalanches is your ticket to a long life of backcountry enjoyment. We encourage you to pursue avalanche education as vigorously as you pursue your passion for backcountry sports.

BCA Snow Safety Video Series:

Companion Rescue

Our education series on how to perform an avalanche rescue if your companion is buried.


Beacon Searching

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Strategic Probing

Strategic Shoveling

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Prevention Series

We believe in proactive approaches to avalanche safety: don’t get caught in the first place. In this series we explore what you can do to prepare for your tour and maximize your safety. We also take a close look at specific techniques particularly suited to snowmobiling.

Packing your Pack

Tour Planning