Tracker Inspection

Your Tracker beacon should last you approximately ten years, depending on how it is treated. It is warrantied for five years. While it is important to check your transceiver on a regular basis, we do not require periodic checks at our factory. We suggest you use the checklist below to test your fleet or individual beacon at the beginning of every season.

We can also perform this service for you for $30 per beacon, plus shipping. Fleets receive ten percent off for every 10 units, ie $27/unit for 2-10 units, $24/unit for 11-20 units, $21/unit for 21-30, $18/unit for 31-40; $15/unit for 41-50; $12/unit for 50+. Call (303) 417-1345 for details.

Tracker DTS inspection checklist:

Tracker 2 inspection checklist: