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Below is important contact information for key members of the BCA team. Please send us your feedback on our products and service. We look forward to hearing from you.


2820 Wilderness Place, Unit H
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303-417-1345 (M-F, 8-5pm MST)
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K2 Sports
4201 6th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98108


Local 416-620-4125
Toll Free: 866-455-2748
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Madshus AS
Industriveien 29
2836 Biri
Phone: 0047 61 13 43 00
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K2 Sports Europe GmbH:
Seeshaupter Str.62,
82377 Penzberg,
+49 (0) 8856-901-0


Steve Marks:
AK, WA, OR, ID panhandle

Mike Rosen:
California and Nevada

John Whitcomb:
New England

Rich Kuipers:
Idaho south, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

Clem Smith:

Andy Wenberg:
US Snowmobiling and pro sales

Chris Thomson:
Southern Ontario, Canada

Dan Nichols:
Quebec and Northern Ontario, Canada

Christopher Prunier:
Quebec and Northern Ontario, Canada

Charles Leblanc:
Canadian Maritimes

Dan Shepansky:
British Columbia, Canada

Rob Allison:
Alberta, Canada

Dwayne and Deb Paynton:
Canada snowmobiling and pro sales

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100% Guarantee:

  • Our number one priority is to make functional and dependable snow safety products and provide great customer service. If you are not satisfied with any Backcountry Access product purchased directly from BCA, you have 30 days to return it to us for a full refund.

  • Warranty Policy:

  • All Backcountry Access products are guaranteed against manufacturing or material defects. Items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Backcountry Access. We do not warranty products damaged from normal wear and tear, alteration made by owner, accidents or damages caused by use other than intended.

  • Repairs:

  • Non-warranty issues such as damage due to misuse, normal wear and tear or improper care may be repaired at a reasonable charge. Products returned for repair must be clean and free of debris. Repairs will be assessed on an individual basis and the customer will be contacted regarding any repairs or charges.

  • Returns and Exchanges:

  • Products that are new and unused purchased through a retail outlet or online retailer must be returned to the place of purchase for any exchange or refund. Only products purchased directly from Backcountry Access either online or from us directly can be exchanged or refunded. Products received as prizes from an event are not exchangeable. When returning product to Backcountry Access please obtain a Return Authorization number online through our warranty service page (see below). We are not responsible for lost packages. After we receive and evaluate your return we will contact you with any questions or repair costs. Please be sure to enter any pertinent information that may help us process your return more efficiently. Note any time constraints on your return form and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • If you are returning a Tracker Beacon to BCA there is no need to return your holster to us.

  • Return Authorization Form

    Once you receive your WRMA# from our Warranty Department be sure to write it on the outside of the package and ship it to one of the following addresses:


    BCA Warranty
    4501 6th Ave S.
    Seattle, WA 98108
    Local: 303-417-1345
    Toll Free: 800-670-8735
    BCA Warranty Email


    NRI Distribution
    9835 Dallas Drive
    Kamloops, British Columbia
    B2C 6T4
    Local: 416-620-4125
    Toll Free: 866-455-2748
    Canada Warranty Email

    We recommend sending all warranty items via UPS, FedEx or any carrier with package tracking capabilities (not the US Postal Service). If you contact Backcountry Access regarding your warranty, please reference your WRMA# (be sure to write down the RA# for your records).

    Product Warranty Chart

    Warranty Policy

    Tracker Warranty Chart

    Tracker Warranty Chart


    Tracker Resources

    Tracker Inspection

    Your Tracker beacon should last you approximately ten years, depending on how it is treated. It is warrantied for five years. While it is important to check your transceiver on a regular basis, we do not require periodic checks at our factory. We suggest you use the checklist below to test your fleet or individual beacon at the beginning of every season.

    Tracker DTS inspection checklist:

    Tracker 2 inspection checklist:

    Tracker Software Download

    Coming soon.

    Float Resources

    Float Cylinder Material Safety Data Sheet

    Read this PDF file to learn about the material safety data for compressed air, which is used for the Float airbag systems.

    Download PDF

    Float System Instructional Videos

    Installing the Float Cylinder

    Repacking the Float Airbag

    Float Accessories

    Commercial Air Travel Instructions

    Download PDF

    Follow these commercial air travel instructions to easily fly with your Float system.

    Cylinder Refill Instructions

    BCA encourages practicing the deployment of your airbag at least once per year. Once you have discharged your compressed air cylinder, you will need to bring it to BCA, BCA Canada, or to an authorized BCA Float cylinder refill station.

    Cylinder exchanges with Backcountry Access:

    We accept walk-ins but no longer accept/ship cylinders for refills. Please refer to our Dealer/Refillers page for a location near you.


    Phone: 303.417.1345

    This will cost approximately $50, including shipping and handling, and will vary depending on geographical location and the number of cylinders exchanged. There are no special regulations for returning empty cylinders. However, BCA or the BCA authorized refill center will be responsible for hazardous material fees. Please allow two weeks for the recharged cylinder to arrive. Due to hazmat regulations, it is not possible to expedite shipping.

    USA Exchanges:
    Backcountry Access
    2820 Wilderness Place
    Unit H
    Boulder, CO 80304

    Canadian Exchanges:
    BCA Canada
    Box 201
    Winlaw, BC V0G 2J0

    German Exchanges:
    K2 Germany
    Grosse Hohl
    Roemberg 67354

    Swiss Exchanges:
    K2 Switzerland
    Ruessenstr. 6l
    Baar, 6341

    French Exchanges:
    Concept Pro Shop
    610 Route Blanche
    Chamonix 74400

    Be sure to include your RA# on AND inside the package

    Cylinder refills/exchanges with authorized locations:

    BCA authorized refill stations charge approximately $20 for refills if there is no shipping involved. Do not attempt to recharge the cylinder at locations that are not authorized by BCA, as this process requires training, documentation and parts provided by BCA. For a list of BCA authorized refill stations, please see below.

    Please contact retail locations before sending in your cylinder. Each location will have a slightly different refill policy.

    Click here to see the full list of cylinder refill locations.

    We caution against refilling cylinders on your own. The following documents and video are for use by authorized BCA refill centers only.

    Download a pdf of the BCA cylinder refill procedure and inspection.

    Download a pdf of the Float refill/exchange/rental waiver.

    Download a pdf of the BCA cylinder refill log.




    Backcountry Access, Inc. Advises Owners of Float Airbags to Obtain New Trigger Assembly

    Owners of Backcountry Access (“BCA”) Float airbags shipped in 2011-12 and 2012-13 should contact BCA to receive a new trigger assembly for their Float Airbag. This Alert applies specifically to Float 30 Airbag Pack, Float 18 Airbag Pack, Float 36 Airbag Pack, Float 22 – Blue, Float 22 – Black, Float 32 – Red, Float Throttle – Black. The affected trigger assemblies have a “lot” letter on the trigger handle, and the population includes lots A through E.

    BCA has received a limited number of warranty returns in which the retaining ring, or E-clip, on the trigger assembly has been removed or become dislodged from the trigger cable. The E-clip can inadvertently be removed or become dislodged in the process of connecting the trigger assembly to the compressed air cylinder. If this occurs, the airbag may not deploy properly when the trigger is pulled. While the probability of this occurring is extremely low, we believe it is best to replace the entire assembly. To order your Trigger Upgrade Kit online please click here.

    Please contact or call (800) 670-8735, and BCA will send you an upgraded trigger assembly. The upgraded trigger assembly is standard on the 2013-2014 airbags and utilizes a hex crimp instead of an E-clip as a retention solution.

    BCA’s mission is to help save lives, not just sell products. Your safety—and your loyalty—are our top priorities. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or e-mail us directly.

    Have a fun and safe winter season!

    See information below to order your trigger, get trigger installation instructions, and frequently asked questions regarding this recall. You can also call BCA at 303-417-1345 or shoot us an email at

    Order the trigger upgrade

    Float 30 Reference Guide


    Trigger Installation Instructions