20 Years of Freshies!  Sporting Goods Business Magazine features BCA

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In their May 2015 issue, Sporting Goods Business has recognized BCA for being at the forefront of the snow safety industry.  Check out the story from SGB managing editor Aaron Bible.  

Backcountry Access Reflects on 20th Season: Backcountry market shows signs of maturing as industry leader ticks over two decades.

Bob … Read more

Why Radio Communication in the Backcountry is Key

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Group dynamics in the backcountry are innately complex. Take away the ability to communicate easily and those dynamics quickly become a liability. Radios are terrific resource in the backcountry for so many reasons. Communication with your group in the backcountry is easily as important as your avalanche beacon or airbag backpack.Read more

Last Chance: Splitboarding the Grand Teton

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by Randall Stacy, BCA #Direct2Dirtbag team member

In Jackson there is one peak that can be seen from almost any place you stand in the valley. The Grand Teton looms over the rest of the mountains, just begging to be climbed. It is perhaps the most iconic peak in the … Read more

Linking Together in Telluride

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By Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

 You can never be too safe when it comes to the backcountry. In addition to essential avalanche safety tools including education, beacons, shovels, and probes, the Telluride Mountain Club is now advocating the use of radios tuned to the same channel. The … Read more

Communication in the Backcountry: Can You Hear Me Now?

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communication systems bca

Communication is key. Running a business, nurturing a relationship, deciding on what to eat for dinner–no matter what you’re doing, if you’re working with other people, communication is key. In the world of backcountry, your team has lots to consider, from avoiding avalanches to sniffing out untracked snow. Important stuff!… Read more

First Run Gone Wrong: Why I Ski with the BC Link Radio

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Kevin Luby _ 1

She came out of the steep trees hot and squirrelly, struggling to control her speed because of the oversized pack hanging from her back like a small unruly child. When she fell, I felt her backward twisting fall in my own knee joints. “You alright? Everything good?” we hollered. With … Read more

Reading, Writing and Avalanche Education

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By Lydia Tanner

Sarah Carpenter is a certified badass. A lifelong skier and mountaineer, she’s led many international expeditions, spent years as a ski patroller and is an AMGA certified mountain guide. Six years ago she and her husband Don became co-owners of the American Avalanche Institute (AAI). During this … Read more

What (and How) to Pack for the Backcountry

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BCA 42 by Bjorn Bauer Photography

When it comes to exploring the backcountry, the Float series from BCA literally has your back. These packs are equipped to carry all of your essential backcountry gear and are fitted with BCA’s Float Systems technology. While the best way to survive an avalanche is always learning to recognize and Read more

How To Do Japan: The BCA Guide

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By Miles Clark

The entire ski industry descended upon Japan this year and they did it for good reason. Japan is the fabled land of snow that it’s made out to be. Cold Northwest winds blow off of Siberia, pick up moisture off the Sea of Japan, then dump that … Read more

Hedging Your Bets: How Effective Are Avalanche Airbags?

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Float 22 Descent

There are people in the world who spend as much time thinking about skiing, riding, and sledding as they spend … actually skiing, riding, and sledding. Believe it or not, some of these people get paid to do it, too. Keep that in mind when you’re applying to grad school.… Read more