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Beacon Overload: Making Sense of Transceiver Multiple Burial Functions

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Check out Ski Patrol Magazine’s article “Beacon Overload: Making Sense of Transceiver Multiple Burial Functions” by BCA’s Bruce Edgerly. It covers real world avalanche rescue and search techniques, with answers to questions like, “How come that icon just disappeared?”, and “How the heck do I get these lights to quit Read more

Check Out Lou Dawson’s Favorable Review of the BCA Tracker3, In stock and ready to order

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“While I’m sure the guts of Tracker3 are as high-tech as you can get (BCA invented the digital beacon, after all), I smiled when I saw they went back to an old tried-and-true design that places a rotating multi-function switch on one corner of the box,” reports Dawson in his … Read more

The Wait is Over! Tracker 3 is now available.

Posted on August 18th, 2014 by | 8 Comments
Tracker 3 Product Page

BCA has started shipping Tracker3! This much-anticipated avalanche transceiver has the same super-intuitive user interface and real-time display as our Tracker2 avalanche beacon, but in a package that’s 20 percent smaller and lighter. It also features Signal Suppression and Big Picture modes, for ease of use in multiple-victim avalanche rescues.… Read more

SAFETY ALERT – Float Trigger Voluntary Recall

Posted on July 1st, 2014 by | 6 Comments


We are conducting a trigger upgrade on all Float packs sold into the marketplace during the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons. Please see the attached SAFETY ALERT for details.

This trigger update includes the Float 30, 18, 36, 22, 32 and Throttle. The Float 30 with T-handle is not included. … Read more

Tour Planning: BCA’s latest Prevention Series video

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Backcountry Access "BCA" Tour Planning Video

BCA has added a new avalanche educational video to our three-part “Prevention Series.” Our new snow safety video on tour planning is all about preparing in advance for a big day in the backcountry: 

  • Checking the avalanche forecast;
  • Discussing the plan with your group;
  • Planning your backcountry skiing or snowmobiling
Read more

Project Zero: North American ski industry and forecast centers team up to eliminate avalanche fatalities.

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project zero zero avalanche fatalities

by Bruce Edgerly

    In a somewhat unprecedented act of collaboration, members of the North American ski industry have begun working together toward the common goal of eliminating avalanche fatalities. A group of U.S. and Canadian manufacturers, ski resorts, and avalanche forecast centers have recently announced the launch of Read more

Sidecountry vs Backcountry: The New Rules of Engagement

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BCA Beacon Check at Jackson Hole Backcountry

by Bruce Edgerly

“I don’t like the way things are going in the states with ski resorts all regulated by lawyers and insurance companies. It’s not fair to real skiers able to ski radical things totally within our abilities. People suing ski areas should be shot.”

This classic quote from Read more

Let’s “get real” about multiple burials.

Posted on February 10th, 2014 by | 2 Comments
Tracker transceiver icon multiple burial close proximity


“Five killed in Loveland Pass avalanche.”


“Three die in out-of-bounds snowslide near Stevens Pass.”


Attention-grabbing headlines like these are unfortunate and tragic. Are multiple fatalities in avalanche accidents becoming more common? Should this influence your decision when buying snow safety equipment? The answers are no and no, respectively.… Read more

Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing Goes Exclusive with Tracker2 Transceivers

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Wiegele Heli Skiing Tracker 2

The world’s second-largest guiding operation has gone exclusive with Tracker2 avalanche transceivers. Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing (MWHS) purchased 160 Tracker2’s this week from Boulder, Colo. manufacturer Backcountry Access, Inc. (BCA). They’ll be used at the main MWHS facility in Blue River, British Columbia. Combined with their existing fleet of 40 … Read more

The Snow is here… But are you Ready? Some Early Season Tips!

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avalanche beacon check
So your ski partner just called and it’s game on for a backcountry tour this weekend.  Here are some tips from Matt Wade of Peak Mountain Guides to ensure your first day out is a success:

With the ski season ramping up across the West, people are dusting off

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