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Our sincerest wishes to the families of the victims of the Nepal earthquake--and those who perished in the avalanche at Everest Base Camp. Glad to hear that BCA friend Matt Moniz and guide Willie Benegas are okay and helping out on scene. Like the folks in this video, they narrowly escaped disaster, then lended a hand in the ensuing recovery efforts. ... See MoreSee Less

The ground was shaking from the earthquake and as soon as we saw people running we were running ourselves to save our lives

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Michael MonizKind words, BCA. We appreciate you being a part of our community.1 day ago

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BCA Athlete and Sports Model Amie Engerbretson soars in Valdez with Warren Miller. Ski, smile, meow, twerk! Warren Miller Entertainment ... See MoreSee Less

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Backcountry Access shared Ride Rasmussen Style's . ... See MoreSee Less

Making it look easy! #SkiDooOfficial #NeverStopPushing Rider: Curtis Ferney Sponsors: ArcticFXgraphics, Backcountry Access, Boondocker, Bullydog Tuners & Programmers, C3 Power Sports, Diamond S, F...

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Core Values

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Our Mission

BCA is celebrating its 20th year in 2014-15. When we first got started in our humble garage in Colorado, we never dreamed it would get this big. But thanks to support from our loyal customers, we’re now the biggest and most trusted name in snow safety. We’re looking forward to another 20 years of backcountry riding and, most important, 20 more years of saved lives.

When we equip you for the backcountry, we work to equip you not only with gear, but with knowledge to make informed decisions. That’s why we support all of our products with a consumer education program and the most knowledgeable customer service staff in the industry.

Our mission is to save lives, not just sell products. This is how we measure success. The bottom line: don’t get caught in the first place. Get educated, choose your terrain according to the conditions, and communicate clearly. Our hope is that you’ll never use any of our rescue gear–except for practice. We want you to be a BCA customer for life.

mission to educate

Staff and Ambassadors


Bruce McGowan, General Manager
Bruce Edgerly, VP Global Sales/Marketing
Tiffany Hampshire, Operations Director
Steve Christie, Director of Sales
Andy Wenberg, Snowmobile Sales Manager
Sander Wyjad, Direct Sales & Customer Service Manager
Kim Godfrey: Graphics, marketing, coffee lover, badass downhiller.
Kim Godfrey, Senior Graphic Designer
Dane Olson: Inside Sales and Technical Services
Dane Olson, Inside Sales and Technical Services
Toni Leskela: Category Director
Dana Cowley: Inside Sales and Technical Services
Dana Cowley: Inside Sales and Technical Services


Steve Marks:
AK, WA, OR, ID panhandle

Mike Rosen:
California and Nevada

John Whitcomb:
New England

Rich Kuipers:
Idaho south, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

Clem Smith:

Andy Wenberg:
US Snowmobiling and pro sales

Chris Thomson:
Southern Ontario, Canada

Dan Nichols:
Quebec and Northern Ontario, Canada

Christopher Prunier:
Quebec and Northern Ontario, Canada

Charles Leblanc:
Canadian Maritimes

Dan Shepansky:
British Columbia, Canada

Rob Allison:
Alberta, Canada

Dwayne and Deb Paynton:
Canada snowmobiling and pro sales

Pro Ambassadors:

Betsy Norsen, Mount Bachelor ski patroller
Felix Camire, Canadian ski guide
Kirk Bachman, Avalanche educator
Lel Tone, Squaw Valley patroller / Alaska heli guide
Chris Simmons, UIAGM guide
Lisa Korthals, Canadian ski guide
Logan Cookler, Wasatch Powderbird guide
Mike Duffy, Avalanche educator
Minot Maser, Dirtbag backcountry skier
Nick Armitage, Big Sky ski patroller
Brandy Floyd
Brent has been a backcountry enthusiast for over 30 years. He transitioned from downhill skiing to backcountry snowmobiling in 2001. He worked with Michael Jackson and his Alpine Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) to develop a Level 1 style of avalanche education program specifically for the snowmobile community. Brent is currently on the Board of Advisors for the NW Weather and Avalanche Center.
Brent Anderson

Guide Ambassadors:

Larry Goldie
North Cascades Mountain Guides

Marcus Beck
Alpine World Ascents

Matt Wade
Peak Mountain Guides

Mike Alkaitis
Colorado Mountain School

Partners / Athletes

Industry Partners:


BCA's Partners

Pro Athletes:

Shaun Raskin Pro
Shaun Raskin
Daron Rhalves Pro
Daron Rahlves
Alex Paul Photo
Alex Paul
Jacqui Edgerly Photo
Jacqui Edgerly
Corey Seemann, born in 1991 and raised in Vail, CO. My father was an old professional ski racer and became the Rossignol Pro team manager of Jean-Claude Killy and many other Rossingnol pros. He started me skiing at the age on 1 and from then on it was my love. Growing up I competed in park I soon found my following in the deep powder. I have been skiing back country professionally since 2011. I have had a few close calls with avalanches and feel Backcountry Access is one of the best companies out in keeping people safe and dedicating their products to save lives.
Corey Seemann
Cody Barnhill
Mattias Giraud Pro Photo
Mattias Giraud
Pep Fujas Pro
Pep Fujas
Tatum Monod Athlete Photo
Tatum Monod
Benny Schmitt Athlete Photo
Benny Schmitt
Riley Leboe Pro
Riley Leboe
Josh Bibby Photo
Josh Bibby
Hannah Follender
Hannah Follender
Ben Goertzen, born in 1996, is a Big Mountain skier living in Bozeman, MT. His parents were both ski patrollers, so he started skiing while in his mothers belly. He began competing in Big Mountain comps in 2011 and has since been able to meet the amazing people of the freeskiing community. Winter of 2014/15 will take him on multiple pow-finding adventure with the Bomb Snow crew to make a four episode series. He's am also an avid mountain biker, fly fisherman, backpacker and climber. Now attending school at Montana State University to be a film major and wildlife biology minor. Ben's future aspirations involve pursuing a freeskiing career as well as documenting the change in our wildlife and environment. He wants to head the effort in protecting these things through film, photography and a love of the outdoors.
Ben Goertzen
Amie Engerbretson
Amie Engerbretson
Miles Clark is a professional freeskier and mountain guide who grew up in Northern California and became enchanted by the Sierra Nevada mountains at a young age. Miles has a degree in Molecular Cellular Biology from UC Berkeley and was on his way to medical school when he got a bit sidetracked by fun. He's now spent the past 14 winters skiing full time in Lake Tahoe, CA as well as the past 5 summers skiing full time in Bariloche, Argentina. Miles has skied in every Western US state as well as in Alaska, France, Switzerland, Italy, British Columbia, Japan, Argentina, Antarctica, and Chile. The bulk of Miles' mountain/ski guiding experience has been in Alaska and Washington with additional guiding trips in Yosemite, Mexico, Patagonia, and Antarctica. In addition to the mountains, Miles has developed a nasty taste for warm water (and cold water if necessary) surfing and spends his off seasons surfing in places like Indonesia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, as well NorCal, SoCal, & BajaCal.
Miles Clark
Zac Horrocks
Zac Horrocks
Eric Hilb is a freeskier born and raised in Vail, CO, now living in Bozeman, MT pursuing a degree and skiing as much as possible. Brought up as a mogul skier, he transitioned into big mountain and backcountry skiing, competing in a number of different junior big mountain skiing competitions around the nation. Coming off of the junior circuit, he will now be able and qualified to compete in the new IFSA sanctioned FWQ tour this year in the 4-star division, with hopes of qualifying for the FWT in the years to come. In addition to this he will be exploring all the amazing new terrain in Montana working with several talented videographers in the area on putting out some exciting new film projects.
Eric Hilb
Named a "preeminent female ski mountaineer of our time" by Outside Magazine, Kim Havell has a great passion for adventure, travel, and exploration-oriented endeavors. She has skied on all 7 continents, with 1st descents on 4, and adventured in over 50 countries. During her travels, she has climbed and skied big peaks from the Himalaya and the Karakorum to the Arctic and Antarctic as well as the highest mountains across the US. She is also the first woman to both ski the notorious Otterbody route on the Grand Teton as well as the first woman to ski-guide the peak. While chasing winter & new challenges, she enjoys documenting and sharing her journeys through her writing and photography.
Kim Havell
Bret Rasmussen
Bret Rasmussen
Luke Kennedy
Luke Kennedy
A pioneer in the world of freeskiing. Grete was the first woman to win the Gold at the X-Games in 2005 in Ski-Halfpipe. She continued to win a total of 6 medals in the X Games, 4 US Open Titles, Red Bull Cold Rush Champion and awarded
Grete Eliassen
I started skiing at Belleayre Mtn in the Catskills of NY at the age of four. My first backcountry day was in 1985. I raced alpine, bumps, and did extreme comps. I then broke myself bad and now I just do backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering. Author of “MakingTurns in the Tenmile-Mosquito Range,”
Fritz Sperry
Larry Goldie
Larry Goldie
My name is Adam Ü – I’m a marine biologist, musician, and skier based out of Mt. Baker, WA.  My winters are devoted to finding untracked snow and safely skiing it.  If that’s at home, great!  If it means I have to travel, also great!  I’ve been lucky to spend a lot of skiing time in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.  Life is never boring and although I’ve been doing this for a while I’m far from an expert – I’m excited to keep learning about mountains, mountain cultures, snow safety, and the quest for the perfect line.
Adam Ü

BCA will accept sponsorship requests and proposals for the upcoming season from April 1 to October 1. Proposals and requests can be submitted by going here.

Sponsorship Application


Backcountry Access accepts sponsorship requests between April 1 – October 1 for the upcoming season. In order for your request to receive serious attention, please fill out both steps of this form. Occasionally, BCA approves requests outside of the above submission window, but the sponsorship application must be received at least six weeks prior to the requested sponsorship date. We prefer to partner with organizations and individuals that emphasize and promote avalanche education and winter backcountry adventures. Please allow two weeks for a response.

Step 2: Email your credentials

If this is for a personal, organization, or event sponsorship, please email us at bca_adk3@sendtodropbox.com and be sure to attach a cover letter, resume, proposal, and photos that highlight your accomplishments and/or sponsorship objectives. Be sure that the name of the files include your last name or the name of the event.


Jobs at BCA

Junior Embedded Engineer

Backcountry Access, a division of K2 Sports, is a thriving company which produces Avalanche Beacons and other unique snow safety and outdoors products located in Boulder, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

The Junior systems engineer in this role will undertake all tasks normally undertaken by engineers in the field of Embedded Systems design such as (but not limited to); circuit design/board layout (Altium), simulation (LTSpice, Matlab), prototyping (SMT, PTH), software design/implementation, BoM review, component selection, supplier management, engineering testing (circuit level and product level) and acceptance testing to applicable standards as well as defect root cause analyzes. The Junior systems engineer will be mentored by senior engineers.

 Principal Accountabilities:

Support lead ESW and HW engineers on day to day work. Design isolated software portions with clear and defined interfaces. Drive whitebox testing. Support HW designer by designing layouts and updating designs for out of life components. Build testing PCBA part of fixtures used both local and offshore manufacturing. Help on quoting process on transferring CFM parts to EMS provider.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree in related field or near graduation.
  • Sound grasp of circuit theory.
  • Ability to work in a team and self-confidence to admit not knowing something.
  • Ability to use standard laboratory equipment, Oscilloscope, DMM, power supplies.
  • Experience with microcontroller.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Proficiency in Embedded C for the PIC microcontroller family (PIC24, PIC18, PIC32).
  • Experience in board layout (particularly Altium).
  • Hands on prototyping experience (soldering etc).
  • Experience on Labview, PC based C# and embedded.

Boulder, Colorado

How To Apply:
Interested candidates please visit http://erecruit.jarden.com to access all K2 Sports job opportunities posted on the website of our parent company Jarden Corporation.

K2 Sports is an equal opportunity employer.