Tis’ The Season… To Save Some Money! A Ski Partner Gift Guide.

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Is your touring partner stuck in a different era? Looking for that perfect gift for your backcountry ski partner, but need to save some money for gas to the trailhead?  BCA’s got some great stocking stuffers and web specials, so you can show your love without breaking the bank. 

Maybe that sweet ultralight PLASTIC shovel your buddy carries isn’t exactly inspiring confidence.  Grab them a shovel from our web specials, we’ve got ultralights, saw/shovel combos, even the massive Chugach shovel!

               BCA b-1 shovel BCA Shovel Saw Combo BCA Chugach Shovel


While you understand that sweet backpack from college has some serious sentimental value, wouldn’t it be great if your buddy could get his Avy tools out quickly if there is an accident? Maybe they are sick of eating shovel-squished sandwiches anyways!

               BCA Stash OB  BCA Alp 40

Maybe you’re sick of your buddy’s 10 year old polypro stinking up the car, or always finding a random glove they left behind. Grab them a sweet BCA duffle to contain the mess and smell.

        BCA Duffle BCA Duffle


Does the car temperature really need to be Africa hot the whole drive up.  Give them the gift of car comfort:

     BCA Hoody BCA Beanie



So you are living the dream this winter, quit your job, and have planned your finances perfectly for four months of powder chasing.  At the very least you could spiff up your post skin, trailhead beer ritual with a new coozie or bottle opener.

         BCA Koozie BCA Bottle Opener

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