B.C. pillow lines! Guest blog from BCA rider Jacqui Edgerly.

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Jacqui Edgerly

Jacqui Edgerly is the daughter of an aging hippie from Old Snowmass, Colorado. She loves pillow lines, surfing, organic farming, and Burning Man.

At the Prestige Hotel in downtown Golden in mid January a mix of athletes, photographers and cinematographers gathered together late in the evening, to organize gear for a week at the Vista Lodge. A Stellar Media and Dubsatch Collective collaboration. We are shooting for several different projects. There will be a mix of edits coming out as well as two different feature-length films. The Vista is one of Golden Alpine Holidays’ three lodges in the heart of the Selkirks, located at 7,050 feet. With little sleep and droopy eyes we drove out to the staging area on Rogers Pass. We made our introductions while we locked up our cars and piled up our gear ready for the heli pick up. The chopper arrived, dropping off the previous group after their week in the woods. They were all vibrant and radiating with huge smiles and stoke. Their stories of fresh snow and endless terrain fired us up to get out there. This was going to be an incredible week with a good crew and nothing to do but wake up and go exploring!!!

Heli landing at Golden Alpine Holidays

Photos by Will Wissman.

For the next week we did just that…We woke up to a deliciously prepared breakfast, checked the skies and would decide our plan for the day, either go up high into the alpine in the sun or if it was snowing and overcast we’d ski down into the pillowy trees. A simple life. For the first couple of days, it was beautiful and the sun was out. This allowed us to ski above the cabin skiing mini pillow zones and fun featured lines. It was gorgeous and everyone was stoked on life, feeling good from all the hiking around. By mid week we had skied most of the closer terrain above us, the clouds were moving in and the snow began to fall. This sent us down below the cabin to a whole new zone…full of poppers and boppers. One by one we pin balled our way through the pillows lapping until moonrise. We hiked back home one ski in front of the other singing, hooting and hollering at the top of our lungs. Will Wissman’s opera could be heard from miles and miles away. There isn’t anything like a killer day out in the mountains. We were all completely content

Vista Lodge

Golden Alpine’s awesome Vista Lodge.

At the end of the day we hauled our water up from the lake. The water is so clean and fresh we just drink it as it is. We would strip off all the wet clothes and hop right into the sauna, melting right into the wooden seats, after the long days of filming and skiing, into full relaxation mode. Allison the cook always had a beautifully prepared meal ready waiting on the table. And yes… each night dinner was followed by a home cooked dessert! We were living like rockstars! Wake up, ski pow, come home, sauna, eat dinner, play games, pass out and do it all over again the next day.

Golden Alpine pillow line

Pillows in waiting.



We were blessed with fresh snow and blue skies the last days. The end came too soon and no one wanted to leave. This place was heaven. Unfortunately all good things come to an end at some point, but theres always another adventure ahead. With the Dub/Stellar combination sparks were flying and connections were happening. I am excited for all the good times to come. For now I will let the storms take me along for the ride, keeping it positive and real. 

Jac slashes Golden Alpine

Jac slays Golden Alpine