Cazz the Avalanche Dog demonstrates some usual “Avalanche Deterrent” techniques in Banff National Park

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Parks-canada-logoCheck out National Park Warden dog handler Mike Henderson and Cazz – his avalanche rescue dog  and general duty police dog. They recently travelled to Lake Louise and discuss avalanche safety and awareness with ski patroller Craig Sheppard.

Parks Canada made this video to emphasize serious safety issues with regards to avalanche safety. However, the “avalanche deterrent” technique is not a real technique – they don’t really send Avi Dogs out chasing rope jumpers looking for easy backcountry and sidecountry access. (It’s just a little Canadian humor at play to make an impact). 

Watch Mike and Cazz demonstrate some unusual “avalanche deterrent” techniques to help discourage people from entering closed areas.

  Entering a closed area and skiing out-of-bounds terrain could actually be MORE dangerous than the consequences shown in this video.