BCA goes green with new solar photovoltaic system

Posted on November 23rd, 2012 by | 1 Comment

BCA is now a part of the solution! Our landlord, Railhead Partners, has just had a brand new solar photovoltaic system installed on our roof at BCA headquarters in Boulder. The $360,000 system (before subsidies) is expected to provide 60 percent of our electricity and pay back its cost in less than 5 years. Thanks to Railhead Partners owner, Andy Cookler, for getting this done, we’re stoked to be reducing our carbon footprint.

BCA PV solar panels

The backside of BCA HQ in Boulder. Note PV panels on roof. The big yellow containers are stocked full of BCA shovels, probes, Stash packs, Tracker beacons and Float airbags.

Andy happens to be the father of our Wasatch region technical rep, Logan Cookler, a guide at Wasatch Powderbird Guides. They both come from the hippie Mecca of Nederland, Colorado. “I call this enlightened self-interest,” said the elder Cookler during a drop-by at our office last week. “I’m doing the right thing and making a little money at the same time. I think every landlord in Boulder should do this.” He gave credit to several grants that he received from Excel Energy and the federal government.

The system was installed by another neighbor from our Wilderness Place location, Willie Mein of Custom Solar ( http://www.customsolar.us ). In addition to being a solar expert, Willie is a well-known and badass skier, climber, and musician. Talk about a well-conceived project: this is a win-win for everyone.

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