BCA Float 30 in Action! AK Style…

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We’re finding that helmet cams have provided some serious first-hand documentation of avalanches over the past few years. Hot off the email press this morning is the latest POV video from AK which shows a skier being caught in an avalanche. This cat was prepared though: he had a BCA Float 30 (you can hear it go off when he pulls the trigger under the snow). We’re glad we could help! Check out this video:

Raw Footage – edit to follow from Jeff Wyshynski on Vimeo.

  • http://akmountain.com wfinley

    It should be noted that a week before this ave a heli guide was in a full burial in the same region. That cat was prepared too and successfully deployed his airbag. However he was still fully buried under 4′ of snow. (http://www.cnfaic.org/advisories/current.php?id=445)

    • http://www.backcountryaccess.com Edge

      The guide burial last week occurred near Girdwood at another commercial heli-skiing operation. The guide in that case was using an ABS backpack (German brand). They have reported several “partial deployments” with this system in the past. We are now trying to find out if the guide’s airbag fully inflated in the Girdwood incident.

  • Chris

    Wow, so you advertise your product with the tagline “BCA Float 30 in Action! AK Style…” as if this were the new rad thing to do. Maybe a bit of modesty in such a situation. What an idiotic way to deal with serious, life-threatening accidents. There are plenty of morons out there who already see floatbags as licence to do moronic things in the mountains.

    This is not to suggest the bags are not worthwhile, but you should be sensible and careful in the way you advertise them.

    • http://www.backcountryaccess.com Edge

      Sorry about that, Chris. I guess we had a hard time containing our excitement about this success story. Please note that this is a blog (editorial content), not an advertisement. We would certainly not have used this as an advertising headline.

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  • Steve

    Chris, I just saw your comment. Feel free to suggest something that is more appropriate and I can change the title.

    Also, do you have any research to show that people are making different decisions when using airbags? It’s something we are researching so if you can help that you would be great.